Peruvian-themed (Ceviche) Buffet at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove

For a limited time from Monday to Thursday between 20 to 30 July 2015, experience Ceviche at the Kitchen Table, W Singapore Sentosa Cove which promises a gastronomical adventure that celebrates the rich diversity of Peruvian-cuisine. 

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Peruvian-themed Buffet | Photo Credit: W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Peruvian-themed Buffet | Photo Credit: W Singapore Sentosa Cove

The newly-appointed Director of Culinary at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove, Chef Frank Koppelkamm brings with him 27 years of experience under his belt as he introduces a twist to the Kitchen Table's Food from the Heart philosophy. Infusing the exotic flavours and colours in Peruvian culture, Ceviche will be a unique culinary experience that you would not want to miss out on! 

Savour fresh and beautifully marinated seafood concoctions like the Ceviche Acapulco, Ceviche Peruviano, Thai Ceviche and the Ceviche Classico - a marriage of fresh succulent fish and lime juice with red onion slices, avocado and tomato. 


The Kitchen Table
(W Singapore Sentosa Cove)
6pm to 1030pm


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