Qantas Releases New In-flight Safety Videos to Showcase the Best of Australia

Qantas has just unveiled a brand new in-flight safety video that showcases some of Australia's best landscapes and iconic locations. The 2017 production features everyday Australians in unique destinations across every state and territory - ranging from the Victorian ski fields to sand surfing at Queensland’s Moreton Island.

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It also features several cameo appearances, including a Bangarra dance performance overlooking Botany Bay, the crew from “Wild Oats XI” showing Sydney Harbour in all its glory, and designer Daniel Avakian on a Melbourne fashion runway. Qantas will be using content from the video to promote the destinations it showcases for Australia’s key tourism markets. Qantas worked with Tourism Australia and state tourism organisations to make the film across a 12 day period. The new 3 minute video will begin screening across Qantas domestic and international flights from 1 February with numerous versions to accommodate eleven different languages, as well as the varying aircraft types across the Qantas Group fleet.