Is It Really Worth to Pay More to Fly Business Class

Many might be wondering, is it really worth to pay more to fly business class when booking a flight. A direct answer to this question will not be good enough, but comparing the benefits you get to enjoy on a business class flight and the additional money spent on booking, you might want to consider it. Another factor is the duration of flight which is always very influential in deciding what flight coach you want to book. You may not experience the comfort of travelling in a business class coach for one or two hours, so why book for it? The best way to get the maximum satisfaction from your money is by booking a business class for a long flight. While some people agree with me on this, some prefer booking a business class even for a 30 minutes’ journey. It all depends on priority. A comfort flight is necessity when traveling, here are few things you get to enjoy on a business coach based on experiences. Check for great business class airfares. 

Priority check-in: 

So you’ve always arrived at the airport only to be greeted with a long queue at check-in, this only happens with lower coaches, there is always a priority check-in line solely dedicated for the first class and business class coaches. You will be attended to promptly with a business class ticket. An additional priority security screening is also offered sometimes for these two coaches.

Additional baggage allowance:

If you’ve got heavy loads, you might want to consider booking a business class coach. With a business class ticket, you get additional baggage allowance. Lower coaches like the economy and premium economy class are often restricted to one baggage with the maximum weight of 40 kg. flying in a business coach allows for more weight, many airlines allow two baggage with 32kg weight each. What’s more? Some other airlines allows the weight of baggage for both first class passengers and business class passengers, so you get to enjoy the same benefit with an upper class passenger for a cheaper price.


Lounge access:

The automatic access you have to business lounge is something to consider, while waiting for the boarding time, you can make the most of your time with the comfortable space made available. Many airlines including Etihad and Emirates also offer spas to make you feel relaxed. Other amenities provided for business class passengers include comfortable seats, relaxation areas, private sleeping areas, exclusive meal offers and shower facilities.

Priority boarding:

It seemingly sounds easy and comfortable for business class passenger as they are prioritized for almost everything alongside the upper coach passengers. Settle in and receive priority services yet again from dedicated flight attendants while other passengers are still waiting to file in. when you’ve spent your money booking a flight with such benefits, you can’t seem to expect less. Flight attendants are always there to make sure you are happy and well pleased, you paid for it, so you should enjoy it.

Classic lounges onboard:

Business class coaches were designed to for business travelers, the environment is so designed to make their flight conducive enough for their businesses. Facilities that allows them to continue working during flight are always provided. There is enough space and lounges to make them feel comfortable. Some airlines also provided stand-up bar area for their business class passengers, they can leave their seats to get beverages and enjoy themselves. This sometimes come with enhanced entertainment with exclusive access to extra TV channels. Other amenities like power supply in seats, USB ports and extra desk space is very common with business class passengers. 

Exclusive wining and dining:

The part I love most about flying in business class is that, you will never get the chance to get hungry. There is full access to wide range of foods and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You’ll be surprised to see an unending list of food varieties when you are presented with the menu. Enjoying a selection of foods and drinks that have been carefully and specially put together by celebrity chefs is one offer you can never reject. Added to this is the special sleeping areas provided. With a fluffy pillow, warm blanket and a very comfortable bed, you’d love to prolong your flying hours.

All these along with some other benefits is more than enough to consider booking a business class ticket on your next trip. The difference in flight tickets is usually worth in the long run, especially if you really love comfort.