Keeping Track of Miles and Hotel Loyalty Points

It's easy when you are loyal to only one airline or one hotel chain. However, when you're chasing points, it is unlikely that you are loyal to only one hotel chain. How then do you keep track of your miles and hotel points in order to ensure that they don't expire before you use them? 

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I am personally a huge fan of AwardWallet which tracks not only your program of choice, points (or miles) accrued and status but also when it expires. This ensures that none of your hard-earned miles or points go wasted and unused. The service itself is free with a premium option. 

Since I personally participate in a variety of loyalty programs like Hilton HHonors, IHG Rewards Club, GHA and Hyatt Gold Passport, it is difficult for me to keep track of points. As such, AwardWallet offers me a one-stop solution to this hassle. For example, it reminds me that I have a Local Experience Award that is due to expire on 01 November 2014 and therefore I have to use it before that. It also tracks my points for me to ensure that the right number of points are posted after every stay. 

What do you use to track your points and miles?