Personalised Hotel Recommendations by TripAdvisor

Everyone has used TripAdvisor at some point in their life. Some people swear by it to find out what is there to do in an area or learn more about a hotel they are visiting. Today, the ever-popular TripAdvisor released a Just for You feature which provides personalised hotel recommendations to TripAdvisor users based on their individual preferences and travel research on the site.

When travellers search hotels for a particular destination, they will be presented with a variety of tags allowing travellers to select their travel preferences, such as travel style, location, price range, hotel class, amenities and brand. Through the new Just for You feature, TripAdvisor will take this feedback into account along with the traveller’s prior research and contributions on the site to deliver better, more personalised results to help the travellers find a better hotel for their needs and interests.
The new feature will be a continually adapting and improving recommendation tool as travellers:

  • Select their travel preference buttons on the new Just For You hotel page
  • Search for hotels and destinations on TripAdvisor
  • Write a hotel review to share their candid travel experiences