The Shutterwhale's Definitive Guide to Montigo Resorts

The Shutterwhale's Definitive Guide to Montigo Resorts

What is Montigo Resorts and where is it? 

Montigo Resorts is paradise on earth. It is located in Batam, Indonesia, approximately 45 minutes away from Singapore via ferry and it features a selection of private villas which come with their very own private plunge pools. Singaporeans do not need to apply for visa when visiting Indonesia

How do I get to Montigo Resorts from Singapore?

Getting to Montigo Resorts is so easy it's frightening! You do not have to worry about traffic congestion at all - getting there takes slightly under an hour from the time the ferry departs from Singapore. In order to get to Montigo Resorts, the easiest (and quickest way) is to get to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal (Indonesia) from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore). At the time of writing, only BatamFast provides this service so you're pretty much stuck with them. Complimentary transport from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to Montigo Resorts is provided so be sure to arrange this with the hotel. Fret not, paradise is only 5 minutes away from the ferry terminal! 

Here are the ferry timings from BatamFast - for the most up to date ferry timings, please click HERE to access the official landing page. Do note that Tanah Merah to Nongsapura ferry timings are in local Singapore time (GMT +8) and Nongsapura to Tanah Merah ferry timings are in local Indonesia time (GMT +7) - one hour behind Singapore! Also, make sure you take note of which ferry services operate only on weekends and public holidays. Just as a general guideline, return ferry tickets (two-ways) are approximately S$46 (inclusive of all taxes and surcharges) per person.

If you're going on a weekend, my advise to you is to take an afternoon ferry (12:00 will be perfect) since your room will most likely be ready after 2pm (Montigo Resorts is extremely busy on weekends!). If you plan on going early, you will be thrilled to know that you can use the amazing facilities (e.g. swimming pool) while waiting. Otherwise, you can simply wait at the lobby or one of the in-house restaurants - whichever you prefer. 

What are the different villa types?

There are four major categories for room types (i.e. Hill Side Villa, Hill Top Villa, Sea Front Villa and Spa Villa) so which one do you choose? The truth is, all villas are almost the same (with the exception of the Spa Villa) and they all come with two bedrooms and a private plunge pool (yes your very own pool in each villa!). One thing to also note is that all villas face the sea (guaranteed sea view)! You do not actually have to get a Sea Front Villa to get a view of sea - you're just that much closer to the sea. The main difference between the different villa types is actually just the location of the villa (with the exception of the Spa Villa). So what's this difference I've been talking about for the Spa Villas? The Spa Villas come with a private spa cabana that is accessible from some steps across your own plunge pool.

How much is It? 

The Best Available Rates (BAR) allows you to cancel 72 hours prior to arrival for Montigo Resorts and therefore they are generally the most expensive in terms of similar inclusions (this excludes special promotions that may run from time to time). Booking in advance for a stay on a weekday or weekend may result in an Advance Purchase Rate 20 or Advance Purchase Rate 15 to surface respectively. These Advance Purchase Rates are non-cancellable, non-changeable and non-refundable. However these rates offer you some discount when you book in advance - consider whether you need the flexibility of BAR since the discounts are often negligible. 

BAR begins from S$355++ for the Hill Side Villa and goes up to S$485++ or the Spa Villa. Applicable taxes in Indonesia is 21% and the BAR only covers up to two adults. Additional adult is chargeable at S$30++ each (up to a maximum of 4 adults). You may also wish to consider using an Online Travel Agent like Agoda or Zuji for your reservation as they tend to be comparatively cheaper. 

How many people can each villa hold?

Each villa can hold up to 4 adults comfortably. Each villa has two bedrooms with 1 King size bed in one bedroom and 2 Single size beds in the other bedroom. Each bedroom comes with its own attached bathroom but the master bedroom (with the King size bed) comes with a gigantic bathtub while the other bedroom does not (so choose your room wisely!).

What should I take note of when I go to Montigo Resorts?

  • Buy duty-free alcohol and cigarettes (if applicable) from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for consumption. 
  • Do not worry about the elderly on your ferry to Nongsapura Ferry Teminal (especially on a weekend!). They are not going to Montigo Resorts to ruin your vacation - they are going to a gambling ship out in international waters (for real!). 
  • Do not take an early ferry to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal if you are arriving on a weekend (as mentioned previously). This is because your villa will most likely not be ready before the official check-in time. However, do note that you will be able to utilise the resort facilities (e.g. swimming pool and restaurants) while waiting for your villa to be ready. 
  • Keep quiet when you are waiting in line at the Batam immigration or risk getting sent back to Singapore.
  • Bring extra snacks (e.g. chips and instant noodles). If you are feeling adventurous, your private villa comes with a microwave oven and induction cookers.
  • Bring your camera and swimming gear - photo mode on! 
  • Bring extra Wii games if you wish to utilise the Wii Console in your private villa (complimentary arrangements need to be made with hotel staff and this is subjected to availability). 
  • Singapore Dollars is accepted in Montigo Resorts (don't worry about changing Indonesian Rupiah). You can also choose to charge everything to your room and settle upon checkout with Singapore Dollars or a Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard only). 
  • Leave your worries behind. No seriously, don't check your emails while you are on a holiday.