Hotel Clover The Arts

Hotel Clover The Arts is a new art-themed boutique hotel situated in Chinatown, Singapore. This 6-storey and 44-room hotel, which opened on 2nd April 2014, builds on its conviction to create a unique arts experience through its individually-themed rooms. The result is a visual feast of creativity and a wide range of design aesthetics sure to excite even the most casual of art lovers. Designed in styles as diverse as retro kitsch, urban street art, Pop Art vibrance and line art minimalism, each room in the hotel creates its own distinctively unique experience.

Although heavily influenced by the Singapore landscape, each of the 44 rooms feature artworks which are strikingly different, ranging from stunningly picturesque mountainscapes to vintage-inspired comic art. The rooms reflect nature’s beauty, vivid chromatics as well as Singapore’s evolving urban and cultural landscapes. They also pay tribute to the hotel’s symbolic four-leafed clovers, which are a representation of faith, hope, love and luck.

The paintings adorning the walls take guests through different spheres of time, worlds and experiences; they evoke a fleeting nostalgia of a time long past, or are reminiscent of quirky ‘60s-inspired Pop Art through the use of bright colours and Ben-Day dots style, hallmark of famous Pop Art artist Roy Lichtenstein. Then, hurtle forwards through the passage of time with iconic modern Singapore landscapes in striking lollipop-inspired colour schemes.

In a bold move to lend a voice to the Singapore’s brand of creativity, Hotel Clover The Arts invited students from different arts and design schools in Singapore to participate in a mural competition for 19 rooms.


Independent professional artists were also commissioned to create art for Hotel Clover The Arts, including local artist Ceno2, who founded creative art collective Artkhalytis (a group of dedicated graffiti artists with formal training in fine art) and artists from Life Art Society. 

All rooms are equipped with modern conveniences such as flat-screen TVs, in-room mini-bar and coffee machine, unlimited internet access, buffet breakfast and local calls to provide business and discerning leisure travellers a seamless and memorable experience. With the multitude of art that are played up in different rooms across the 44 spaces, guests are spoilt for choice when they come stay with Hotel Clover The Arts.