Old Hen Coffee Bar

The Old Hen Coffee Bar is one of the latest additions to Singapore's growing cafe scene. Occupying a unit on the ground level of a five-storey flat development, Rangoon 88, the two-week old establishment has already been serving up specialty coffee to lucky residents and those in the know. 

Old Hen Coffee Bar is designed with a basic principle - Less is More (as shown in the painting on the wall). Wood and metal construct the two main design elements, portraying an overall contemporary and minimalist look. 

Perhaps the most popular item on the menu right now is the Cold Brew coffee. Despite being a regular black coffee drinker, I really enjoyed the Creamy White version of the Cold Brew. Cleverly bottled in beer bottles, the white Cold Brew is exceptionally easy to drink. The cold brew technique allows for a better taste profile through lower coffee acidity and the reduced caffeine level makes this drinkable even during the late evenings (especially if caffeine keeps you awake at night). 


I had my usual black coffee before leaving this newly minted location. My long black was slightly under-extracted for my own liking but was delicious with the right bitterness. 

Those of you who do not take coffee will be happy to know that they also serve Gryphon Tea and Matcha Tea Latte at Old Hen Coffee Bar. My personal favourite Gryphon Tea is the Nymph of the Nile which contains organic white peony tea with Persian pink rose and Egyptian basil. A carefully selected range of cakes are also featured here by Kreme Couture. If you have a sweet tooth, don't miss out on the Buttermilk Waffles - it's really popular (check out the Instagram feed for the tagged location!).

Even though the Soft Launch Menu offers a limited selection of food items now, the beautiful space offers a great opportunity for people watching through the large glass windows) or simply to idle your lazy mornings away (the establishment opens at 730am on Tuesdays to Thursdays). 

The business is ran by a pair of twin brothers with the help of their youngest brother who helps out on weekends. Boasting an intimate seating capacity of about twenty, you can be sure that your coffee will receive the level of attention it should. Support a homegrown business and come on down to check this place out for yourself! 

Old Hen Coffee Bar
88 Rangoon Rd #01-03 Singapore 218374
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Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesdays to Fridays (1200 - 2200)
Saturdays to Sundays (1000 - 2200)