TravelPony: A Case of Cheap(er) Hotels

I have previously written about TravelPony as the last minute rates can be quite attractive. If you do not have already have an account, please feel free to use my referral link as it gives you US$35 credit bonus instead of US$25. You can use this US$35 off your first booking so be sure to register using my link before booking! 

In this following example, we will be looking at a Crowne Plaza Changi Airport reservation made five days prior to arrival. 

Click HERE or the following link to access my review on the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport pool access Club Room:

A Deluxe Room with breakfast (for two adults) was going for S$297++ a night on the official website of Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. This results to an estimated price of S$350 nett (rounded up for the purposes of this example - do note that the extra person charge has already been factored into this rate. 

In contrast, the same room with two adult breakfast was going for US$218 (approximately S$273) nett. The rate on TravelPony is significant cheaper (approximately 22%) and while IHG has a rather lucrative Best Rate Guarantee program, the rates on TravelPony are not eligible since it requires you to log in before the prices are displayed (therefore making the rates "non-public"). 

At the time of booking, TPSAVINGS allowed me to save an additional 10% off my hotel reservation and I had US$75 worth of referral credits in my account. Therefore I paid only US$122.40 (approximately S$153 nett) for a room that was going at S$350 on the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport website. 

It is always a good idea to check the TravelPony site especially if you are booking for a room last minute. That being said, TravelPony bills only in USD and therefore you should take the currency conversion rates (and service fees) into consideration. I personally do not have an issue with that as a foreign currency earns me more miles on my Citibank PremierMiles Visa card.