MELT - The World Cafe Champagne Brunch Review

The City Retreat package at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore comes with Champagne Brunch for two at MELT - The World Cafe. The package which is priced at S$495++ also comes with a well-appointed accommodation in a Premier Ocean room for two. 

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I stayed in a recently-refurbished Premier Ocean room on a high floor as part of the package and the experience was excellent. I really enjoyed the night views of the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay and partial views of the Marina Bay Sands.  

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The Champagne Brunch comes with a wide selection of international and Asian favourites, such as freshly made breads, live shucked oysters and seafood, traditional roasts and carvings, farmhouse eggs counter as well as a tantalising spread of grilled burgers and meats at the barbecue alfresco terrace. For those with a sweet tooth, just a selection of crispy waffles, fluffy pancakes and local desserts accompanied with an endless flow of champagne. I will also recommend five must-try dishes at the Champagne Brunch.  

I started off with a selection of fresh sashimi - the Salmon and Tako (octopus) are both excellent! I'm not a big fan of Tai (sea bream) sashimi generally so I cannot quite judge the taste of it. There isn't a large variety of sashimi offered here so don't come here just because you love raw fish. What MELT - The World Cafe offers is a range of other goodies that I will soon introduce! 

There's also a limited selection of nigiri sushi like Unagi (eel), Hokkigai (surf clam) and Hotate (scallop) for those of you who insist on having sushi rice with it. Otherwise my tip to you? Save your stomach space for something else! 

If you don't recognise it already, the Champagne Brunch at MELT - The World Café comes with unlimited Jamón ibérico ham. This is my first recommendation for everyone who comes to the Champagne Brunch and I strongly urge you to try this thinly-sliced piece of joy.This Iberian ham comes typically from Spain and is typically quite expensive when you eat it at restaurants outside (it can go up to around S$50 per 25g). 

If you are a huge fan of carbohydrates, you will be happy to find a rather extensive bread station here. There's also a small selection of pastries in case you happen to enjoy sweet bread (not to be confused with sweetbread which is usually used to describe the thymus or pancreas) for dessert. 

My second recommendation will definitely have to be the (unlimited) Foie Gras on a toasted brioche. Washing the rich and buttery goodness down with a glass (or two) of Veuve Clicquot Brut NV Champagne is an amazing experience - one that I would certainly recommend. 

The seafood section of any buffet is arguably the most important section. Enjoy sweet Alaskan King Crab legs, Boston Lobsters, Oysters and a wide range of other fresh seafood here! 


While the spread and presentation does not quite match up to the seafood quality at The Line at Shangri-La Singapore, the quality does however make up for that though.  

My third recommendation for you to try at this Champagne Brunch is the gigantic Alaskan King Crab legs. The flesh is unbelievably firm and sweet. It is also extremely easy to eat so long you are willing you use your fingers (please do not end up using your whole hand though, you are at a fine-dining establishment after all).

The oysters were fresh and easy to eat since they were of a good size. Oyster lovers can definitely pile up on the absolute cliché of all aphrodisiac foods here. If you are an oyster-beginner (one who have not tasted fresh oysters before), these ones are relatively easy on the palate. 

You'll find many photo-worthy opportunities here at MELT - The World Cafe so you do not have to worry about having insufficient photos for your Instagram. Look at that beautiful chunk of meat right there! 

The Seared Duck Breast was tender and succulent. This is perhaps the most popular station for men because it basically features different kinds of roasts and meats. There's also an outdoor BBQ station where you can order grilled lobsters or a steak to satisfy your inner-carnivorous self. 

Enjoy cooked-to-order steaks and BBQ seafood at the outdoor BBQ station from the friendly staff outside. Remember to tell him or her your preference to maximise satisfaction! 

I am a huge fan of Northern Indian curries and was therefore excited to find five different kinds of curries that were offered. There was also a range of Tandoori dishes which makes this place a popular hunt for Indian diners or people like me who love Northern Indian cuisine. Vegans will also rejoice with the flavourful Palak Mushroom that was available on the day I visited. Truth to be told, I have only really tried Palak Paneer and the Palak Mushroom was a unique experience for me. That being said, I really like how the flavours come through despite it being a vegetarian dish. 

My fourth recommendation is the Tandoori Red Snapper (if you are lucky enough to have it there). While red snappers are usually chosen to be grilled due to its firmness and texture, cooking in an earthen oven (i.e. tandoor) gives it the right amount of smokiness. 

There was a station for sausages and bacon - similar to breakfast - that I wasn't particularly excited about since I had my breakfast at MELT - The World Cafe on the same day as the Champagne Brunch. 

How can I call this a Champagne Brunch if I do not indulge in a glass (or five) of Veuve Clicquot Brut NV Champagne? My fifth and final recommendation is to have a lot to champagne to drink. Don't bother about the Champagne Brunch package without the Champagne because, what's the point?! Don't forget to give the cocktails a chance too! The Mojito that I tried was definitely full-strength and delicious. 

There's also a dedicated area for kids outside the restaurant where you can leave your kids for a bit while you enjoy your delicious Champagne Brunch. Don't feel too guilty about it though! Yours kids will too, enjoy their very own Champagne Brunch (without alcohol of course). Drinks are served in martini glasses and they have a selection of finger foods that are easy to eat. 

There was also a range of lollies, cereals, a popcorn machine (!) and a soft serve machine inside the kids room while they got to enjoy cartoon and kids' shows on the big screen. Frankly, I was a little envious. The best part of it all, this is completely free so long you dine in MELT - The World Cafe! 

Normally priced at S$158++, the Champagne Brunch at MELT - The World Cafe does not come in cheap. Then again, it is also not on the higher end of the price spectrum. Numerous hotels in Singapore have higher prices for their champagne brunches. Will I pay S$186 nett for this? Probably not. The food quality is excellent but the price is probably a bit too high for my liking. That being said, I will most definitely take advantage of the City Retreat package again since it offers immense value. 

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