Elemen 元素 Opens in Millenia Walk (Singapore)

I noticed the opening of a new restaurant in Millenia Walk late June this year and I have always been slightly intimidated to try it since it looks rather expensive (contrary to reality and more on this later!). I had the privilege of trying out Elemen 元素 recently during one of the reader tasting sessions conducted by Food & Travel Magazine. 

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Elemen 元素

Elemen 元素

Elemen, a fusion vegetarian restaurant first opened its doors officially on 21 June 2015 and it prides itself in promoting the well-being of diners through the use of quality and natural ingredients. The result of this dining concept? Healthy, nutritious and delicious food that diners can enjoy (even those of us who are less than inclined to try the vegetarian lifestyle - like myself). 

The Elemen Appetiser  Elemen 元素

The Elemen Appetiser
Elemen 元素

There are no à la carte orders at Elemen and diners can choose from the 5-course set (S$23.80++) for lunch, or the 8-course set (S$32.80++) for lunch and dinner. With that being said, there is still a healthy selection of dishes you can pick from to construct a set lunch (or dinner) of your choice. I began my 8-course dinner with The Elemen Appetiser which consists of a cucumber in teriyaki sauce, sesame tofu with sesame dressing and a tomato. 

Mushroom Salad  Elemen 元素

Mushroom Salad
Elemen 元素

The second course was the Rosemary Breadsticks with a refreshing raspberry sauce - don't get too carried away here because you're going to need all the stomach space you have to finish all 8 courses. The third dish was a choice of salad and while there were four different kinds to choose from at the time of tasting, I opted for the Mushroom Salad. Drenched in a light savoury sauce, the natural flavours of the mushrooms were not compromised. 

Maca Soup  Elemen 元素

Maca Soup
Elemen 元素

For my fourth course, I opted for the Maca Soup. If you are unfamiliar with Maca, it is sometimes known as the Peruvian Ginseng and it is one of those superfoods that is constantly being advertised these days. Maca is believed to be beneficial to overall health and it improves on skin quality in the long-run. Additionally, this Peruvian gem is also believed to promote sexual function of both men and women but well, YMMV. 

Apple Cider  Elemen 元素

Apple Cider
Elemen 元素

To cleanse your palate mid-dinner, diners will be presented with a chilled Apple Cider. Before you get too excited with Apple Cider, this is not the alcoholic version that some of us are used to, it is quite the opposite. This Apple Cider Vinegar has health properties which helps to lower blood pressure and promote weight loss. 

There is quite an extensive list of mains to choose from and this is where it gets really interesting (and surprising). Do note that recommendations will be given to you based on your dietary requirements and allergies. If you are a strict-vegetarian and you cannot take dairy products, be sure to let the staff know so they can tell you which dishes to avoid. If you do not have any dietary requirements or restrictions, the Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza is amazing! Some other popular crowd favourites are the Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle as well as the Homemade Chinese Tea Tofu with Wheat Noodles (which resembles blood tofu/pudding in Chinese cuisine). 

LEFT: Chamomile Tea (Hot) | Right: Roselle Tea (Hot)  Elemen 元素

LEFT: Chamomile Tea (Hot) | Right: Roselle Tea (Hot)
Elemen 元素

For dessert, I opted for the delicious Chilled Coconut Puree which was an excellent choice. Since I am quite sensitive to caffeine in the evening, I chose the hot Chamomile Tea to wash everything down with. If you are here for lunch (or if caffeine has zero effect on you), be sure to give the Sea Salt Coffee a try! There are two main menus that you can opt for at Elemen 元素. During lunchtime, you have the choice of the 5-course or 8-course menu and for dinner, you will be able to enjoy the 8-course menu. There are no a la carte orders but the 8-course menu is definitely doable so long you bring your appetite and the food will do the rest of the work. 

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