Hotel Review: The Regent Singapore

The Regent Singapore is a Four Seasons hotel that is located near to Tanglin, slightly off-Orchard Road. Boasting 440 classically appointed rooms and suites, The Regent Singapore may look slightly dated on the exterior  but after staying there last month, I can safely say that the hotel is slowly making its way to one of my top few favourite hotels in Singapore. Most importantly, The Regent Singapore is one of the rare few hotels in Singapore that allows you to bring a pet along to stay with you

I stayed in the Four Seasons Executive Suite at The Regent Hotel  which comes with a separate bedroom and living room. The suite itself is pretty massive in size (88 sqm) and it comes with walkout balconies, a powder room for your guests,  dressing room and walk-in closet and a bathroom with a tub. The lovely team at The Regent Singapore has also prepared a plush dog bed, water bowls as well as a canned food (in case your dog is hungry) - you may also request for chew toys and other pet amenities but I actually brought my own! 

In case you have not already noticed by now, I actually brought my toy poodle (Miu Miu) to stay with me this time round. If you are a pet-owner and you wish to bring your pet to The Regent Singapore for a staycation, you will be happy to know that unlike other luxury hotels in Singapore, The Regent Singapore does not charge for your pet. 

Miu Miu was excited to check out the Four Seasons Executive Suite but at the same time she was making sure that I did not leave her alone in the room. There was ample space for her to run about from the living room, bedroom to the bathrooms. While your pet is welcome to walk the public areas of the hotel on a leash, do note that the restaurants and clubs are out-of-bounds to pet for obvious reasons. 

Anyhow, back to the Four Seasons Executive Suite (which is in The Regent Singapore - don't be misled by the name)! The spacious living room with an attached powder room outside allows you to entertain your guests without compromising on your privacy. If you are staying alone like me without having to entertain anyone (but your pet), you can leave the sliding doors to the bed-room open, creating an even larger sense of space. There is also a balcony where you can open and enjoy some fresh air in case you stay cooped up in the suite for too long. 

You will find a large box containing different teabags and a Nespresso machine so you can get your caffeine fix through different flavours. Unlike other hotels where they give you a miserable number of teabags only, you have plenty to choose from here. In the rare instance where you run out, just ring up the friendly concierge to get it refilled. 

One thing that baffles me slightly in the living room however is the position of the television. Due to the way the room is configured, there is absolutely no way for the TV to be placed comfortably in front of the sofas since it looks into the bedroom. That being said, I found it strange that the TV was actually placed under the mini-bar area which makes it really awkward to watch. This was the only issue I face in my room and I am actually not sure if I am missing something. 

The bedroom comes with a small vanity table and a plush King-size bed. There is also a TV in the room which is placed more strategically for you so you can actually watch it while being in bed. There is another balcony that is accessible via the bedroom and it is actually not connected to the other balcony from the living room - giving you more privacy in case you have nosey guests or business partners. 

The bedroom is also connected to its very own dressing room, walk-in closet and a full bathroom (different from the powder room in the living room) with a bathtub.

Bath amenities are provided by L'Occitane en Provence and you will find their signature verbana shower gel and five essential oils shampoo (which I fell in love with after this stay). Turndown in the evening should have these replaced as well but I did not call for it this time round as I had Miu Miu staying with me. 

Staying in the Four Seasons Executive Club meant that I had benefits to The Regent Club (which is also easily one of the best hotel lounges in Singapore I have been). If you are wondering about feeding your pet at The Regent Singapore, you may make special arrangements with the hotel (prior to arriving of course) or Executive Chef Simone Cerea who heads all dining establishments at The Regent Singapore. I had initially wanted to simply email Miu Miu's preferences to the hotel as I did not want to make a big issue out of it but Executive Chef Simone Cerea (who is a pet-owner himself) insisted to speak to me in order to find out exactly what Miu Miu likes or dislikes - thumbs up on that! 

Executive Chef Simone Cerea has prepared a generous serving of cube-sized grilled beef and broccoli on the side for Miu Miu's dinner. After settling her dinner, I then went up to The Regent Club on Level 11 to check out the evening cocktails with hors d'oeuvres which runs from 530pm to 8pm. Regent Club guests are offered a complimentary two-hour use of the private rooms at the Regent Club lounge for business meetings or evening soirées. 

The first thing you will notice about the Regent Club is definitely the level of service here. You will not have to vie for the attention of the lounge staff. The next thing you will notice is probably how beautiful the space is - particularly the area where food is served. Last but most certainly not the least, you will definitely notice the spread of food (and drinks). 

I was surprised to find dishes like the Deep Fried Mantou (bun) with Chilli Lobster Sauce (almost like a more superior version of the upper middle-class chilli crab). While I have generally found lounge food to be rather ordinary, the food at The Regent Club was excellent in terms of quality and flavours.

The Chilli Lobster Sauce easily triumphs over popular seafood restaurants here in Singapore like Jumbo and No Signboard Seafood so I was slightly upset that I will not be able to eat this whenever I wanted to.

The other dish that truly impressed me was the Ravioli that was served - delicious filling between two thin fresh pasta!  The fried chicken wings (with an optional sweet chilli sauce) were also coated evenly and then fried to perfection. You can most definitely make for a decent dinner here at The Regent Club if you do not wish to wander around the Tanglin or Orchard area. 

Choose from prosecco, a careful selection of red and white wines, beers or go with your usual fancy hardcore liquor at The Regent Club. 

I woke up to Miu Miu's call for attention at 7am and then called up dining to call for Miu Miu's breakfast that I have previously arranged with Executive Chef Simone - poached salmon and broccoli. After settling Miu Miu's breakfast, I had to choose between having the breakfast at the exclusive Regent Club (since I had access with the Four Seasons Executive Suite) or at Basilico which is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore -  I obviously went for the latter. Breakfast runs from 630am to 1030am in both places on all days except that on Sunday, breakfast at Basilico runs from 7am to 1030am. 

Located on level 2, Basilico offers both indoor and outdoor alfresco seating that overlooks the swimming pool. The outdoor terrace is really popular amongst hotel guests so be sure to get in early if you want a table outside by the pool. Basilico being an Italian restaurant in nature, does not offer too many Asian or local food. Where it excels in however, is the proud array of fresh breads, cold cuts and desserts. 

The fresh pastry is a section not to be missed even if you do not usually eat them. Some of these are just amazing! If you have a pastry craving, remember that Dolcetto by Basilico serves really good bomboloni (my favourite flavour is the custard one) and croissants (although this isn't a French bakery)! 

The pastries may be delicious but be sure to save your stomach for desserts though! 

I also took the chance to give Miu Miu a bath while she was here. Instead of spending so much money on a Dog Spa, you might as well bring your pet here and do it yourself. Just make sure you ask for extra towels if your pet has really long fur! 

The Regent Singapore is truly a break from the usual hotels that you get around the Marina Bay area. While the latter hotels are generally newer and more swanky, The Regent Singapore tackles what matters the most - service. Combining the Four Seasons mentality without the expensive price tag, If you live in Singapore and have a pet, there should be nothing stopping to check this place out. Not only does it deliver excellent service for you, your pet will most definitely enjoy the plush beds and bathtub! Considering how competing luxury hotels are charging up to $130 extra for your pets and The Regent Singapore charges you absolutely nothing extra for your pet, you should definitely take advantage of this situation. 

The Regent Singapore
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Hotel stay has been sponsored by The Regent Singapore, though all views expressed are my own.

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