Gourmet BBQ Parcels from Stoke

If you are throwing a BBQ party at home and do not know how to impress your guests, fret not because Stoke is here to help! Stoke sources authentic and natural products from all around the world and they then create Gourmet BBQ Parcels that are filled with quality produce, meats and appetisers. They also come in different sizes which will help cater to different party sizes - the best part of it all? You get to order everything online via the website and enjoy free delivery! 

Made easily for 4, 8, 12 or even more, Stoke BBQ Parcels are conveniently packed and feature even ingredients that are hard to get in Singapore such as the acorn-fed Spanish Pork Iberico, organic Australian lamb and beef, and award-winning 96% organic British pork sausages. Tasty appetisers like Iberico ham, giant stuffed olives, gourmet paté and Manchego cheese will be sure to wow your guests and leave them speechless!

Founded in 2015, Stoke, a Local Torque 888 Pte Ltd company, aims to bring gourmet produce from around the world to Singapore BBQs. The founders, Chris and Ruth, are expats living in Singapore. 

Ordering is simple, just head down to Stoke, place your order and wait for your delivery. To find out more of the Stoke story, please visit https://www.facebook.com/StokeSingapore