Sofitel Brisbane Central receives ISO 14001 Accreditation

Celebrating her tenth anniversary, the Sofitel Brisbane Central has an ISO 14001 Accreditation in her bag this year. Located on Turbot Street in Brisbane City, the Sofitel Brisbane Central has provided dedication to environmental management. 

Notable initiatives that were implemented include:

  • Installation of four heat pumps for the generation of hot water for the entire hotel. Prior to this, hot water was generated via gas boilers during the day and heating elements during the night. This resulted in energy saving of 608,000 KWH.
  • Installation of 22 Variable Speed Drives for electricity optimisation. This resulted in energy savings of 370 000 KWH.
  • Installation of LED lights and energy efficient fluorescent lights. Energy saving of 145,000 KWH
  • Installation of 21 smart sub metering for electricity and an EDGE Intelligent System for monitoring of energy in various departments. This realised savings of 300,000 KWH.
  • An education initiative focusing on environmental awareness across the hotel (employees and guests).
  • The hotel had set a target of 7% waste which would be recycled. In 2014 the hotel achieved 22% waste which was recycled

Post accreditation, the hotel continues to maintain its dedication to sustainability with initiatives with future projects including occupancy controls of guestroom air conditioning, Solar heating to supplement hot water requirements, Installation of variable speed drives on smaller mechanical plant and Installation of environmental sensors to the larger function rooms to economise on energy consumption of fan units.

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