Best of Thai Buffet at Escape Restaurant & Lounge (One Farrer Hotel & Spa)

I have previously checked out the One Farrer Hotel & Spa's Skyline Studio located within the Skyline Hotel wing of the hotel. I absolutely loved the bathroom and the massive olympic-size swimming pool of this hotel and you should definitely check out my previous review of it HERE

Bread Section - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Bread Section - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

From 02 to 16 April 2015, check out some of the best authentic Thai cuisine at the Escape Restaurant & Lounge located in the One Farrer Hotel & Spa. Collaborating with Guest Chef Aek Charttrakul and his team from the Thailand Culinary Academy, diners will be able to enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at a really affordable price. You will also be able to enjoy the usual buffet favourites that Singaporeans love - freshly-shucked oysters, sashimi, fried chicken drumlets, mini pizzas and even a chocolate fountain to indulge in. 

Delicious Finger Food -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Delicious Finger Food - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

I really like the Escape Restaurant & Lounge and even though it isn't typical of a five-star hotel restaurant - boasting great views and expensive champagnes, it is humble and unpretentious. The food here (despite being a buffet) has a soul and does not focus solely on aesthetics only (unlike some five-star hotel buffets I have been to). 

Guest Chef Aek Charttrakul at the  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Guest Chef Aek Charttrakul at the One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

During the media tasting for this event, we managed to meet Guest Chef Aek Charttrakul who then proceeded to show us how to make a traditional papaya salad. There are a number of items that are on the buffet spread and some are actually passed-around during the course of the meal. Since the Thai cuisine is a major component of this buffet, it would be disrespectful to start this any other way. As such, I went straight for an extra-spicy serving of the papaya salad. Even though the limes in Singapore are generally different from the ones you can easily get in Thailand, the authenticity of taste is still very much preserved.  

Variety of Fresh Seafood -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Variety of Fresh Seafood - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

As most Singaporeans would tell you, the most important part of any buffet spread is the seafood - particularly because we all believe we can make a decent 'profit' out of it. Anyhow, if you are a seafood lover, there is a healthy selection of freshly-shucked oysters, clams, mussels, prawns and various crustaceans. Don't forget to check out the fresh sashimi counter where the chef will only slice it when you request for it - ask for a thicker slice if you wish! I enjoyed the Tako (Octopus) sashimi especially. 

On weekend evenings, be entertained with traditional Thai dance performances and diners even will stand a chance to win attractive prizes in the lucky draw, featuring a return trip to Bangkok with 5-star accommodation for 2 persons, as the top prize.

Some of my personal favourite dishes to check out at the buffet (let's start with the Thai dishes first):

Tom Kha Gai -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Tom Kha Gai - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Begin your meal with Chef Aek's  signature Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Chicken Galangal Soup). Reminiscent of a cross between a tom yum and green curry, the Tom Kha Gai's flavourful broth will truly make an impression. 

Spicy Papaya Salad -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Spicy Papaya Salad - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

To truly feel like you are in Bangkok, try some of the classic Som Tum (Spicy Papaya Salad) but be wary of the spiciness - the one that Chef Aek made for us during the media preview was truly something to behold. While it set most of our palates on fire, it certainly left us wanting for more. 

Selection from the Best of Thai Buffet -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Selection from the Best of Thai Buffet - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Cooked with nuts, coconut milk and tamarind (amongst other ingredients) is the somewhat milder Massaman Nua (Massaman Curry with Beef). The beef is tender and it retained most of the flavours from the golden gravy - definitely one to check out for all meat-eaters! 

Look Choop (Look Choob) -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Look Choop (Look Choob) - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Finally, if you are looking for a dessert that is visually stunning, check out the traditional Look Choob (Mung Bean Dumpling). I am sure that you have seen these in Bangkok at some stage so it is about time you give them a try! Made primarily from mung bean, sugar and coconut milk, these little marzipan are not overly sweet and they retained the natural flavours from the mung bean. 

Cocktails -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Cocktails - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

While you are at it, don't forget that the Escape Restaurant & Lounge is running a drink promotion from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays. Choose from a selection of modern classic cocktails, beer on tap or house wins (16 to choose from!) for just S$10++. 

Crispy Chicken Drumlets -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Crispy Chicken Drumlets - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Even though you are here primary for the Best of Thai Buffet, don't forget to check out the rest of the delicious spread - especially the deep fried chicken drumlets that go perfectly with beer! 

Dessert Counter -  One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

Dessert Counter - One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Escape Restaurant)

The Best of Thai Buffet at the Escape Restaurant & Lounge is one that you shouldn't miss - especially if you are a huge fan of Thai cuisine. For just two weeks only, savour authentic Thai cuisine in the beautiful Escape Restaurant & Lounge or better yet, spend your weekend here in the Skyline Studio (click HERE to check out my review). 

Escape Restaurant & Lounge Dining Information

(12pm to 230pm)

Adult: S$45++

(6pm to 1030pm)

Adult: S$60++