Earn KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot (and Tigerair)

Great news for all mile warriors out there - you can now earn KrisFlyer miles when you travel with Scoot and Tigerair! In order to earn KrisFlyer miles (and a bunch of other benefits), you will have to purchase the PlusPerks bundle on Scoot or the FlexiCombo fare on Tigerair

PlusPerks on Scoot | Photo Credit: Scoot

PlusPerks on Scoot | Photo Credit: Scoot

Earning KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot

As mentioned earlier, you will have to purchase the PlusPerks bundle when you book online in order to earn KrisFlyer Miles. While it may seem a little costly relative to the price of flight (especially since it does not apply to Economy promo fares), the good news is that it actually comes with a bunch of benefits:

1. Earn KrisFlyer Miles

Duh, that's the whole point of this article anyway no? Since KrisFlyer Miles are valued anywhere between S$10 to S$40 per 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles approximately (depending on your redemption choice and availability), you need to decide whether adding the PlusPerks bundle is worth it - I have a feeling only the ones on long-haul flights are going to be. 

2. Seat Selection (even Preferred Seats with 30% more Legroom!)

Not only will you be able to select your seat prior to boarding with no additional charge, you will also be able to select Preferred Seats that have up to 30% more legroom than Standard seats (up to 35" seat pitch) at no extra charge! 

PlusPerks | Photo Credit: Scoot

PlusPerks | Photo Credit: Scoot

3. One Free CTRL+Z Undo (Booking Flexibility)

The one thing that annoys me sometimes on budget flights is the rocket-high prices for a name change or a flight change. With PlusPerks, you are entitled to ONE flight date change OR name change per booking (up to 24 hours before departure). Do note that if you are changing to a flight with a higher fare, fare difference may (and most probably will) apply. 

4. Priority Check-in and Boarding

You will be entitled to First-on-Board which allows you to check-in at the ScootBiz/Priority counters and board the plane ahead of others - this is kind of like FastPass in Disneyland! 

Miles Accrual on Scoot | Photo Credit: Scoot

Miles Accrual on Scoot | Photo Credit: Scoot

Final Thoughts

Sure, earning KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot (and Tigerair) sounds like a great deal since these two airlines generally have really attractive promotional fares but the reality is, you will not earn any KrisFlyer Miles if you are traveling on Economy promotional fare. I think it is safe to say that most people traveling on Scoot and Tigerair are largely motivated by the lower fares and therefore, this additional and optional package to earn KrisFlyer Miles will only make sense if you are traveling on ScootBiz or on a full-fare Economy flight. Additionally, you will earn less miles as compared to a full fledged airline. In the example above, you will only earn 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles when you fly to Gold Coast on ScootBiz but on a full-fare Economy flight on Singapore Airlines, you will earn 3,818 KrisFlyer Miles (assuming Brisbane since it is the nearest airport to Gold Coast).