The Shutterwhale for DFS: Summer Ultis Iced Tea Recipe

The Shutterwhale has partnered up with DFS to giveaway a bottle of Chivas Regal Ultis on Instagram - make sure you check out @theshutterwhale on Instagram for a chance to bring home a bottle of this blended malt scotch whisky which is made from five precious signature single malts. If you want to try this amazing new blended whisky, be sure to drop by DFS when you are coming back to Singapore to try it out! As part of this collaboration, I have also been tasked to suggest a recipe and since I am an iced tea sort of person, here's my recipe for a Summer Ultis Iced Tea!

Putting together the Summer Ultis Iced Tea is incredibly simple and you just need the few ingredients below:

  • Chivas Regal Ultis
  • Black Tea
  • Calamansi (or Lime!)
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Sugar Syrup (optional) 


  1. Prepare black tea (chill it overnight for maximum satisfaction)
  2. Squeeze calamansi into glass (or Lime)
  3. Add plenty of ice-cubes
  4. Add fresh mint leaves
  5. Stir it up 
  6. Add one shot of Chivas Regal Ultis
  7. Stir again
  8. Add garnishes and sugar syrup (optional)
Summer Ultis Iced Tea 

Summer Ultis Iced Tea