NYC's Best Burger - Burger Joint NYC Opens in Singapore!

Voted as the 'Best Burger in NYC' by Zagat, the famous Burger Joint (carefully tucked away in in the Le Parker Meridien Hotel New York) will be opening its first burger joint in South East Asia. The city of choice? Singapore. Following the successful openings in São Paulo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Seoul, the Singapore location will be opening its doors to the public on 03 May 2016. 

Entrance  Burger Joint Singapore

Burger Joint Singapore

Similar to the famous NYC location, Burger Joint in Singapore is tucked away quietly along Gemmill Lane. If you are coming by train, the nearest stop is Telok Ayer - exit the station and walk along Cross St and you will find Gemmill Lane right before Club St. The address says Amoy St but trust me, it's easier this way. If you are really bad with directions (like me), take a left on Club St and then take the first left onto Gemmill Lane - either way you are not going to miss it if you look hard enough. 

Follow the Neon Sign  Burger Joint Singapore

Follow the Neon Sign
Burger Joint Singapore

Once you find the black doors on Gemmill Lane, take the left door and follow the neon sign (or let your nose guide you) to find the 'Best Burger in NYC' made fresh here on this sunny island.

Order Your Burger  Burger Joint Singapore

Order Your Burger
Burger Joint Singapore

Ordering your burger at Burger Joint Singapore is dead simple and there really are just three steps: 

  1. Hamburger or Cheeseburger?
  2. How do you want it cooked (e.g. medium rare)? 
  3. What do you want on it and with it? 
Cheeseburger (S$13.80)  Burger Joint Singapore

Cheeseburger (S$13.80)
Burger Joint Singapore

I would definitely recommend the Cheeseburger (S$13.80) if you do not know where to start. Feeling extra hungry? Opt for the Double Cheeseburger (S$24.90)! Unlike most of the other burger places here in Singapore, the beef is flown in from Nebraska (same as Burger Joint NYC) and it is butchered and made fresh daily. As mentioned earlier, the beef patty will be cooked to your preference before being topped with two American cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. 

Milkshakes and Burgers  Burger Joint Singapore

Milkshakes and Burgers
Burger Joint Singapore

Be sure to get a huge bag of fries (S$5.50) to go with your burger. In fact, they are large enough to share so if you are coming with a friend, one bag is good for two. The milkshakes (S$11.80) are also absolutely delicious - the vanilla one is definitely my favourite! Oh and if you are feeling like it (and I strongly recommend this), opt for the Boozy Milkshake (S$15.80) which comes in a bunch of delicious flavours - go for the Bailey's Vanilla one! 

Boozy Milkshake (S$15.80)  Burger Joint Singapore

Boozy Milkshake (S$15.80)
Burger Joint Singapore

It might be quite a lot to pay for a milkshake but think of it as an alcoholic beverage instead (which it truly is)! I love how thick, smooth and consistent the milkshake is - side note, it really is impossible to describe milkshake without any innuendos, no?

Bar and Craft Beer    Burger Joint Singapore

Bar and Craft Beer
Burger Joint Singapore

There is also a cozy bar area which is located inside the Burger Joint Singapore. In fact, we heard that there will be 18 craft beers on tap! 

Burger Joint Singapore has got to be one of the better burger places around - it isn't at all pretentious and the food is just honest to good. Sure the milkshakes are a little on the high side but have a taste and you'll know exactly why they are charged a premium. 

Oh, and don't forget to write on the walls of Burger Joint Singapore - I have already gone ahead and took the spot next to the WiFi sign so check that out if you are there. This is definitely one of the rare few places in Singapore where you can pick up a marker and draw on the wall without being charged. Thanks Honey Bee Sweets for the adorable whale photo too! 

This was an invited Media Session, though all views expressed are my own. 

Burger Joint Singapore
Operating Hours: 11AM - 12AM
115 Amoy Street #01-03 Singapore 069935