US$50 (S$68) Airbnb Coupon with Airbnb for Business (June 2016)

Airbnb has definitely altered the way people travel over the last couple of years - it has opened up and extended the number of rooms available at any particular destination and more importantly, it has been amazing at engaging the local community by creating a platform for people to share what they love. Airbnb is now giving you a US$50 (approx. S$68) coupon to use towards to your next Airbnb stay (even for leisure) when you complete your very first business stay at an Airbnb listing - all you have to do is to add your work email and charge that trip directly to your company. 

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Airbnb for Business

Airbnb for Business

There used to be a few Airbnb promotions that one could take advantage of, if you are completely new to the whole Airbnb landscape, consider signing up using my link here to get S$25 credit that you can choose to use on your very first booking - do note that I too, will get S$25 credit on Airbnb when you travel. 

While I have personally subscribed to hotel chains more, I see the charm in using Airbnb - it isn't always about getting the lowest possible price on accommodation (even though some times it is) but rather, Airbnb truly opens up unique accommodation options that would otherwise be impossible. As far as I know, anyone with a work email address can sign-up for this promotion (even if their company isn't registered with Airbnb per se). 

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