One Day In Montreal: JustFly Gives You The Tour Of La Belle Province

Montreal is one of the more unique cities in Canada. As one of the country’s oldest cities, Montreal has seen a lot of change over the course of its history. Often a battleground between French, English, and, at times, American forces until Canadian Confederation in 1867, Montreal was brought up in an age of change in what would become North America. Today, Montreal is a vibrant city that encapsulates Canada’s bilingual nature. It is the gateway to French Canada, with much East of the city being primarily French, with most West of the city being English. It’s hands down one of the best cities in Canada to see and explore. To help plan a day in the city, I spoke with JustFly, an online travel company. They gave me an itinerary to follow for a day in La Belle Province.

Breakfast: Cosmos

While it may look a little sketchy from the outside, this small diner in the heart of Montreal’s Notre-Dame-De-Grace neighbourhood is a staple of the area according to JustFly’s review. While the decor looks like it hasn’t changed in thirty years, the food has remained exceptional. Highlights include mish-mashes, morning burgers, and generous helpings of potatoes to get your day started on a positive note. One thing, be ready for very opinionated and chatty staff. They get a kick out of teasing, joking, and having fun with their clients.

A Day in Montreal with JustFly

A Day in Montreal with JustFly

Morning: St-Henri Canal Hangouts

Located just South of Cosmos is Montreal’s up and coming neighbourhood, St-Henri. This neck of the woods is highlighted by the Lachine Canal. Loaded with excellent walking and cycling paths, its easy to spend an hour or two casually exploring and enjoying the scenic views of the canal.

Lunch: Campanelli Sandwich Shop

Located in the same area as the canal, JustFly says Campanelli is a top-notch sandwich shop. Seeping with Italian heritage, the shop has delicious sandwiches that are sure to fill you up. In addition, Campanelli has some of the best coffee in the city to go with other caffeinated drinks.

Afternoon: The Plateau

Located just North of Montreal’s downtown core, The Plateau is Montreal’s hipster capital. This labyrinth of small streets, thrift shops, and cafes has something lurking around every corner that is sure to surprise. In addition, The Plateau is home to two of Montreal’s most beloved parks. Both Parc LaFontaine and Parc Mont Royal are worth a visit. If you have to choose, opt for Parc Mont-Royal’s glorious views of the city!

Dinner: Imadake

Montreal’s best Japanese Fusion food, Imadake is not for the faint of heart. This place is designed for good times with a rowdy staff, constantly flowing sake, and small plates meant to be shared by groups of friends. A can’t miss if you find yourself heading into downtown Montreal for the night!

Evening: Montreal Canadiens Game

Last but not least, one cannot go to Montreal without taking the time to see a Montreal Canadiens hockey game. The team dates back over a century and is an institution for Montrealers and Canadians alike. The downtown arena is a joy simply to see, with statues honouring famous players and coaches and memorabilia scattered around the rink.