NOW Noodles + at Novena Square 2 - Contemporary Take on Noodles from Classic Recipes

Boasting a homemade rempah (spice paste) that is made from scratch, NOW Noodles + at Novena Square 2 is currently serving up five different noodles at a price point of S$9.80 Nett. While many of you may have heard about the Mee Tai Mak with Century Egg already, I was recently invited down to this restaurant to give all five flavours a go. 

It is definitely worth stressing that the spice paste used in most of the dishes here is made from scratch - the restaurant owners also insist on using the best ingredients for the dishes here (e.g. fresh sea prawns instead of frozen prawns) to recreate a familiar taste amongst us Singaporeans but with a slight contemporary twist. The Dry Laksa is probably one of my favourite dishes here and the only thing that could have been improved is the addition of cockles (in true laksa glory!). Since every plate is prepared at the time of order, do feel free to let the staff know if you prefer something a little more (or less!) spicy. 

Heng Hwa Noodle Soup  NOW Noodles +

Heng Hwa Noodle Soup
NOW Noodles +

The Heng Hwa Noodle Soup is something you would crave for on a rainy night. I was initially put off by the idea of having a ginger broth but it worked really well with the chicken soup (made from scratch once again) and the taste of ginger was subtle without being overpowering. The serving of chicken is also quite substantial so if you are ever looking for something relatively healthier to eat in Novena, this could very well be your winning dish. The only thing to watch out for is that there are limited servings of this dish every day so get in early to avoid any potential disappointments. 

Vegetarian Mee Goreng    NOW Noodles +

Vegetarian Mee Goreng
NOW Noodles +

Being the only vegetarian dish on the menu, the Vegetarian Mee Goreng here at NOW Noodles + was delicious but honestly, S$9.80 is quite a lot to pay this dish. Don't get me wrong though, the dish itself was good but with other dishes to choose from (unless you are a vegan, of course), you are definitely better off picking the Dry Laksa or the much talked-about Mee Tai Mak. 

Mee Tai Mak with Century Egg    NOW Noodles +

Mee Tai Mak with Century Egg
NOW Noodles +

Finally, the highly-acclaimed Mee Tai Mak with Century Egg in all its glory. I was skeptical at first to be honest since I do not personally enjoy Century Egg (hey, they eat this on Fear Factor!) but I was pleasantly surprised by how fragrant this dish was. If there was one dish to try, it would have to be this! 

Finally for desserts, we sampled the Malasada (S$3.80 for 2 Pieces) and the Spanish Churros (S$3.80 with a choice of dip). The dips were quite good but I thought that the Thai Milk Tea flavour was a little too light. 

This was an invited Media Tasting session, though all views expressed are my own.

NOW Noodles +
10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2, Singapore 307506
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM to 9PM