Top Wineries in Adelaide You Must Try

Adelaide is one of those cities in Australia that is known for its classy wineries and cellars. Adelaide Hills, which has a very relaxing and scenic view, hosts a number of well-known wineries. It is not too warm and not too cold, and the high altitude and good amount of rainfall makes it a perfect place to grow premium grapes that produces quality wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Riesling.

Photo Credit: Lobethal Road

Photo Credit: Lobethal Road

We want you to experience some of the best wines that the world has to offer and thus, we are listing down some of the best wineries in Adelaide.

  1. Lobethal Road Winery. This winery is a family-owned vineyard which was established back in 1998. It produces some of the tastiest red and white wines and premium Bacchant labels in Australia. Lobethal Road uses solar energy all throughout the property, which is a sustainable approach to vineyard management. The Best Wine in Show 2012 winner Bacchant Chardonnay goes well with a fine cheese platter.
  2. Shaw & Smith Winery. Shaw & Smith prides itself for being one of the most elegant wineries in the area. It was awarded Best Cellar Door for 2015, and the reason behind it is clear. It is usually packed during the weekends, so if you dislike big crowds, then you might want to visit during the weekdays. However, the place is huge and spacious, and there are lots of chairs to sit on. For just 15 AUD, you can experience their bestselling Sauvignon Blanc paired with their creamy and delectable goat’s cheese. Try it for yourself and see why this one is very famous with the tourists!

  3. Bird in Hand Winery. This place boasts a number of awards under their belt. Whether you’re a huge wine enthusiast or you’re just discovering your knack for fancy wine, they have got you covered. The best part of the trip to this winery would probably be the service. They provide detailed information about how the wine was made, the vineyards, and the background of the winery. For just 95 AUD, you can get you and your friends a 5-course meal paired, of course, with some of their best wines.

  4. Longview Winery. If you are looking for a winery with a good view of Adelaide Hills, then this is the one for you. Since 2001, this winery has been pleasing people with their award-winning wines. The climate is cool, the wine is excellent, and the view is breathtaking. What more could you ask for?

  5. Paracombe Wines. Just like Shaw & Smith, this one gets packed during the weekends. If you’re a people person, then you will definitely enjoy mingling with the festive crowd at the tasting bar. However, if you prefer smaller crowds or just enjoy the view and the wine all by yourself, then you can head straight to the back deck, where you can just relax, sip your wine, and admire the view that is surrounding you. Their meat and dessert platter are a must-try, as well as their Sauvignon Blanc that goes well with any savoury plate. If you are more into sweets, you can try pairing their Shiraz with it. Be sure to book seats ahead of time to avoid any hassle.

If you are going with friends or family and you belong in a large group, then your best option is to rent a large sedan or van in Adelaide when visiting wineries. There are lots of rental car providers that make sure that you get what you need to make your trip hassle-free and even more enjoyable. Now go on and taste those wines and tell us which ones you prefer the most!