Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines Partnership - Quick Comparison on Miles Accrual

Everyone knows that Alaska Airlines' frequent flyer program (FFP) is one of my favourites at the moment since it allows you to travel on Business Class for cheap. There is currently an opportunity to purchase Mileage Plan miles and get up to 50% more miles. If your account is targeted with the maximum 50% bonus (most new accounts get 35% which is still an amazing deal), you can essentially redeem the miles for two Business Class flights on Japan Airlines for under S$700. Singapore Airlines and Alaska Airlines have just announced a brand new partnership which will allow for reciprocal mileage earning from 27 September 2017 - redemption will soon follow.

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Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

Alaska Airlines has already published the number of base and bonus miles that travellers will earn if they credit an eligible Singapore Airlines flight into their Mileage Plan account. The table seems to have excluded Fare Class R (which earns 300% miles in the KrisFlyer programme) but it is highly likely that this fare will too receive 350% as well. While it is safe to say that one Mileage Plan mile is worth more than one KrisFlyer mile, I would not immediately credit all my future Singapore Airlines flight into the Mileage Plan account (especially since 50% purchase bonuses run from time to time). If you link your Mileage Plan account as a Partner Programme in KrisFlyer, you will earn PPS Value (which gives you quite a bit of perks especially with the latest improvements) even if you decide to accrue miles on Mileage Plan - you will obviously have to fly in a Business cabin or higher though (thanks for the correction, Jeremy!).

More importantly, by crediting your Singapore Airlines flights into the Mileage Plan account, you are essentially forgoing the opportunity to earn yourself the PPS status which may come with a lot of benefits (particularly with the recent improvements to the program).

The Shutterwhale's Comparison of KrisFlyer and Mileage Plan Accrual Rates for Singapore Airlines
Cabin Class Fare Class KrisFlyer
(Singapore Airlines)
Mileage Plan
(Alaska Airlines)
Suites/First R 300% ?
Suites/First A, F 150% 350%
Business C, J, Z 125% 225%
Business D, U 125% 200%
Premium Economy P, S, T 110% 100%
Economy B, Y 100% 100%
Economy E, M 100% 75%
Economy H, W 100% 50%
Economy L 100% ?
Economy N, Q 50% ?
Economy K, V 10% ?

If you look at the comparison of mileage accrual in the table above for the premium cabins, you will notice that Singapore Airlines provide a better accrual rate for Premium Economy (P, S and T) only - in the Business and First Class cabins, crediting your SQ flights to the Mileage Plan account seems to be a better choice if you wish to maximise the number of miles you earn. The table above serves as a rough guide only and travellers are strongly advised to check the relevant websites for the most up to date information pertaining to the rate of miles accrual.