100 Extra Chope-Dollars for Reservations Until 7 October 2018 - No Cap!

Chope’s annual Diner’s Choice awards is coming back this year and in celebration of this momentous event, they are giving one an extra 100 Chope-Dollars for all reservations booked and consumed between now and 07 October 2018 so long you use the promo code below. As I have only just recently shared, a brand new loyalty program will also be rolling out in a couple of months so there are definitely things to look forward to.

Click HERE to sign-up for a free Chope account and get 300 Chope-Dollars!

In order to get an extra 100 Chope-Dollars with each eligible reservation, simply enter the promo code ‘DCPRELUDE’ in all reservations and you will be on your way to earning at least 200 Chope-Dollars (base + bonus) with each consumed reservation during the promotion period!