Affordable and Easy to Use Taxi App for Tourists in Japan - Get 1,000 Yen (SGD 12) off First Booking!

Taxis in Japan are notoriously expensive and most travellers try to avoid them at all cost. There is usually no issue since the buses and trains are amazing but on a few recent trips, I have found myself taking a taxi because I was either rushing for time, or the buses just did not operate at a time that was suitable to my schedule. JapanTaxi is a tourist-friendly app that allows you to estimate your taxi fare in Japan, make a reservation or call a taxi immediately - payment can also be done online with your credit card (including Apple Pay) so you do not have to sweat the small things. If you have not utilised this app before, using my referral code will save you ¥1,000 (approximately SGD 12) on your first ride!

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