Dragon Boat Festival (2016) at Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore)

The Dragon Boat Festival (2016) is coming right up and if you are looking for a distinctly local-rendition of the traditional rice dumplings, check out the the Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang Dumpling and Chicken with Salted Egg Yolk and Chestnut Dumpling at Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore). Alongside two perennial favourites (Hae Bee Hiam’ Dumpling and Braised Pork Belly with Black Garlic Dumpling), the newly introduced flavours will make up this year's collection which will be made available at Min Jiang 岷江川菜馆 (Goodwood Park Hotel) and Min Jiang at One-North 岷江在纬壹 (No. 5 Rochester Park) from 23 May 2016 to 09 June 2016.

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