Hotel Review: Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore (Panorama Club Room)

As part of a major rebranding effort by Shangri-La, the first Hotel Jen property was introduced in Singapore at Orchardgateway last month. I attended the amazing Launch Party at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and was immediately impressed by the design of the property, hotel amenities and the quality of staff amongst other things. Click HERE to check out my first impressions of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway when I visited in September. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama

As a brand of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway also takes part in the Golden Circle program where I have only quite recently minted Jade status. Jade status offers complimentary breakfast, priority upgrade and late checkout amongst other great benefits. Click HERE to read more about the benefits of being Jade in Golden Circle and more importantly, how to qualify for it! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama

The Hotel Jen Orchardgateway has 502 rooms which are made of three major room types and configurations: the Superior (27 sqm), Deluxe (32sqm) and the Premier Panorama (41 sqm). I stayed in a Premier Panorama room where I spent an excellent weekend in the heart of this city without having to jostle my way around. You probably cannot imagine my excitement when I first walked into this beautiful room. Firstly, the room is huge and is definitely bigger than 41sqm. I later found out from a friendly staff that the Premier Panorama rooms can vary in size due to the structure of the building - I must have been really lucky to get this one! Secondly, the amount of natural light coming in is just amazing. There's an over-sized glass window that overlooks Orchard Road and since it leans outwards, it feels as if you're right in the middle of the action! Thirdly, there are areas for you to lounge about in the room throughout the day. Sip on tea, order food in or read a book - it's your choice! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama Bedroom

The first thing you will notice is obviously the comfortable King-size bed that I am sure that you will enjoy. The next feature in this room is definitely the movable 46-inch Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system that comes stocked up with a range of cable channels and cool features. There's a large work desk that overlooks the rooftop of Orchard Central and more importantly, there are USB ports conveniently located so you can charge your mobile phones and tablets without having to having an electrical socket located in some awkward location in the room. 

I immediately took advantage of the opportunity to charge my power-hungry iPhone before going on to explore my room a little more. The great thing about this Premier Panorama room is that you can't actually see the whole room at one glance and therefore, it's almost like a little adventure where you go and discover your bedroom, bathroom and all the intricacies that come with it. 

Before I went ahead to explore the bathroom (which is always a personal favourite in every hotel), I found this Post-It note on the glass where Jen scribbles a handwritten note offering me something in the mini-bar fridge. Of course I am hungry, Jen! 

I absolutely love this mysterious Jen putting food in my fridge! Opening the mini-bar fridge below the counter-top revealed a generous serving of fresh sliced fruits and two bottles of chilled drinking water (and actually two more bottles outside!). In case you're excited about the milk too, it is actually one of the three amenities that I have elected to receive as part of my Jade status with Golden Circle (more on this later!). The fruits were fresh and delicious - definitely a refreshing way to start your staycation in this bustling area of Singapore! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama Bathroom

Finally, I've arrived at the bathroom of my beautiful Premier Panorama room! Double-sinks, huge and expansive mirrors that creates a sense of space and more importantly, a deep soaking tub offering great views of the Orchard Central rooftop (be mindful of your own privacy though) but wait a minute, is that a TV in the mirror?! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama TV Ad Notam

You got it right! It is one of those fancy ad notam mirror TVs that top-tier luxury hotels like the St Regis are known to have! You can read your messages from the hotel (very useful if you are here on business), watch TV, check out the facilities in the hotel, look up your room charges and browse the promotions that the hotel currently has. I'm sure there are other features but I was already distracted by the tub. If you know how a kid behaves in a candy store, you can some draw similarities between me in Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and that lucky kid. 

Hotel Jen Premier Panorama Bathroom Bathtub

There's ample space around the tub to put your book, drinks, snacks, laptop, iPad or whatever it is that you use in the tub. You do not have to worry about dropping it since there's so much space around. More importantly, having that amazing view while you are in the tub is something that you will always remember. Just remember to be fully covered in bubbles if you do decide to open them while you are enjoying your soak. There's a Lush store in Orchard Central so be sure to drop by to restock on those bubble bars should you run out of them. 

You will also find two toiletry bags here which includes all your typical bath amenities in a frosted Hotel Jen soft bag - nice touch! The amenities are provided by an in-house Hotel Jen brand and while I generally do not like these, they actually smell really energetic which I thought suited the entire brand image of this property. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Premier Panorama Amenities

Since the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is the first Hotel Jen property in the world, i was extremely curious to see how the Golden Circle benefits come into play here. As part of my Jade status with Golden Circle, I am entitled to receive three preferred amenities that I can select in my profile. I have chosen Cookies with Milk, Instant Noodles and Fresh Fruit (which is covered previously). The bottle of biscuits is extra that I suspect may be in other rooms as well - there's only one way to find out! 

Staying in the Premier Panorama room has its perks - exclusive club access on the 19th floor offering breakfast, drinks and canapes. I arrived in time for the cocktail hour from 530pm to 730pm. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Executive Club Lounge Drinks

First things first, the Club Lounge has a healthy selection of alcoholic beverages. I really like the self-serve bar so you do not have to be embarrassed to ask for more (and be secretly labelled an alcoholic) of if you are one of those who enjoys two-parts liquor and one-part mixer. Having all these within reach just makes it easy for you to concoct your favorite beverage. I wish they came up with a Hotel Jen special (alcoholic) beverage recipe though - food for thought? 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Executive Club Lounge Drinks

Those of you who are less adventurous can just go for the ice cold beer (and chilled mugs in the fridge) instead. For those who aren't adventurous (at all), there are juices and other assorted drinks that you can enjoy. That being said, it is a cocktail hour after all! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Executive Club Lounge Wine

You will also earn your right into becoming an "authorised employee" to the automated WineStation during these hours. Choose from 50ml, 100ml or 150ml of wine and just simply push the buttons accordingly. Drinking has never been this simple! 

Of course most of our parents will be kind enough to remind us to never drink on an empty stomach. Jen takes good care of you here, offering you delicious local delights like Satay, Gado-Gado and Otah tart (?). There was also a Green Curry vegetarian version for the herbivores out there but I personally did not think that was a great dish. 

I was actually much happier with my sushi and random authentic Asian delights. If you do not wish to leave the hotel at all, the food here is definitely sufficient to make for a light dinner (or a heavy one, depending on how much you eat). 

The Club Lounge offers a variety of seating configurations that will cater to the lonely business traveler, loving couple or a big group of family. Some areas away from the food are quieter and definitely offer more privacy if you wish to get some work done or simply just to spend quality time alone. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Room Service

If for some reason you're still hungry after the Cocktail Hour, you can choose from a curated list of food items on the Order In Menu (which is essentially room service). The food prices are extremely reasonable and should definitely be considered if you do not wish to leave the comfort of your room. Plus, you will earn Golden Circle points on these if you charge them to your room! 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Pool

Those of you who have visited Hotel Jen Orchardgateway or have friends that did will know that this is the new infinity pool to be seen! Unfortunately for me, it was really hazy the day I went so the view was definitely affected. That being said, the expansive infinity pool (that is significantly less crowded than a competitor in Marina Bay) offers great views of the surrounding area and beyond. Ample daybeds and tanning decks are also available for sun worshipers. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Swimming Pool

There are two smaller pools that are available on the same level which caters for different kinds of travelers. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Swimming Pool

For the ultimate relaxation experience, jump into the pool nearest to the entrance and enjoy a full body Jacuzzi while soaking in the views and the sun.  

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Bay

Indulge in a Magnum or the creamy New Zealand Natural ice-cream to complete your experience. For those of you who are feeling peckish and in need of something savoury, beef (or mushroom) burgers can be ordered but they take a bit of time to prepare so plan in advance! If you're a grown up who just wants nothing but a beer, you can also enjoy an ice-cold beer here while enjoying the natural breeze, 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

Those of you who are here on a staycation with friends can enjoy the shade here while enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Swimming Pool

I really think that the infinity at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is pretty impressive and while it does not have the luxurious vibe to it, it is extremely cozy and the playful outdoor furniture adds to this effect. It isn't difficult to spend a couple of hours here at the pool while enjoying a cold beverage or some delicious food.

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Makan @ Jen

I chose to have my breakfast at Makan@Jen instead of the Club Lounge since it looks amazing the last couple of times that I have walked by. Of course, Makan@Jen also offers a greater selection of food items as compared to the Club Lounge but since this hotel is brand new, breakfast isn't particularly busy. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Makan@Jen

Like most good hotels, Makan@Jen offers a selection of food items from different cuisines. Choose from local delights like fried rice, roti prata and chicken curry or more Westernised food items like cook-to-order omelette, sausages and ham.

There's also a range of healthier options such as fruits, yogurt and breakfast cereal for those that are mindful of their diet. 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore Breakfast Makan@Jen

I started my breakfast with a lot of carbohydrates. Since high carbohydrate intake can easily make one sleepy, it is not ideal on weekdays but I'm on a staycation and it's a weekend so nothing stands in my way! The omelette is really well done and the hashbrowns are golden and crispy! 

Bread (and pastry) lovers will also find a decent selection of flakey pastries and baked goods here. If you're perceptive enough to notice, they serve Bonne Maman jam here! 

I can't say no to Bonne Maman jams so here's to more carbo-loading! 

There's also a small selection of cheese with dried apricots for those that enjoy a little morning cheese. 

Most importantly, there's a buffet for ice cream! Families traveling with kids take note! With different ice-cream flavours to choose from (even Jackfruit!), you can customise the perfect dessert for your child or even yourself! Enjoy chocolate toppings, marshmallows, gummies and other lollies, get together with your friends and family and see who can make the best looking (and best tasting) dessert! 

I ended up with something pretty conservation - vanilla bean ice-cream, mini Oreos and chocolate sauce. 

Makan@Jen is a great place to start your day and particularly so when you are on a vacation. There's amply seating space (both inside and outside) that will cater to different groups of travelers and diners. The fresh and bright colours in the restaurant make a good backdrop for photos and most importantly, it promotes a conducive space for socialising. If you happen to have an OCBC Credit/Debit card, be sure to check out the promotions that are running to save quite significantly! You can also earn Golden Circle Points on eligible spend here. 

The Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is definitely one of the top hotels in Singapore to have a staycation in. The pool and family-friendly restaurants cater to different demographics that range from young couples to family with kids to business travelers. This hotel appeals to those who wish to live in the heart of Singapore's famous shopping district, Orchard Road. It is also relatively affordable (when compared to Singapore standards) and complimentary high-speed WiFi is easily accessible throughout the property. 

Rooms start from S$180++ a night for the best available rate without breakfast. The Premier Panorama room that I was in starts from S$440++ a night. Click HERE to make a reservation now! 

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Hotel stay has been sponsored by Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, though all views expressed are my own.