IHG Rewards Club - Set Your Sights Promotion

IHG Rewards Club has a new promotion for stays between 01 January 2015 and 30 April 2015. The 'Set Your Sights' promotion will enable you to earn at least 50,000 bonus points on top of the usual points you were already going to earn. Registration is compulsory.

Please click HERE or the following link to register for this promotion: https://setyoursights.ihg.com

After you log in to the 'Set Your Sights' promotion page, you will be greeted with your very own set of personalised offers. As an IHG Platinum member that have had less than 10 stays this year, I had the following set of offer (your offer will most likely vary): 

My offer will require a minimum of 7 nights to complete, in order for me to earn 59,800 IHG Rewards Club Points - not a stellar deal at all. That being said, the 6,000 Getaway Bonus is an easy one to hit and the Holiday Inn Resort Batam is an affordable one from Singapore.