Brief Overview of Credit Cards

Albeit not as fancy looking, credit cards have been utilised since the 1800s. Today, it allows us to make purchases (even the ones we can't afford) via a simple platform without the hassle of carrying real cash or coins. There are two major types of credit cards to me and they are namely the bonus earning and base earning credit cards. I use miles accrual as a basis of comparison for the purpose of this entry but do note that most cards allow you to choose between miles or other rewards (e.g. dining vouchers and cash rebates). While not exhaustive, the following should give you a glimpse into maximising credit card miles (or points) when going about your daily spending. 

Bonus Earning Credit Cards

These cards reward you for making purchases in certain categories but offer you the bare minimum for everything else. 

Citibank Rewards Card - earn 10x Reward Points (4 miles) per dollar when shopping for clothes, at departmental stores or online shopping merchants. 1x Reward Point (0.4 miles) per dollar otherwise.

UOB Preferred Platinum American Express Card - earn 10x UNI$ (20 miles) for every $5 spend at dining establishments (e.g. restaurants, bars and cafes). 2x UNI$ (4 miles) for every $5 spend on everything else. For the sake of comparison, this card will award 4 miles per dollar of dining spend and 0.8 miles per dollar spend on everything else. 

Base Earning Credit Cards

These cards generally give you a flat earning rate regardless of what you purchase. You will not earn up to 4 miles per dollar of eligible spend but these cards are great in helping you pay for everything else that do not fall under the bonus earning categories. 

Citibank Premiermiles Visa Card - earn 1.2 Citi Miles (1.2 miles) per dollar spend and 2.0 Citi Miles (2 miles) per dollar of spend in foreign currency. 

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card - earn 1.4 Travel$ (1.4 miles) per dollar spend and 2.8 Travel$ (2.8 miles) on some participating partners (e.g. hotelclub).