UberX Summer Price Promotion (up to 20% off usual taxi rides) + S$10 Referral Credit

Attention all cab-takers and taxi-lovers! Rejoice as UberX becomes cheaper with its Summer Price Promotion. This is particularly useful for those who book their taxis and pay the S$2.30 to S$8 booking fee. Also, you will not need to pay location surcharges with UberX. With all that being said, you should always use the Fare Estimator within the Uber app to get a rough idea on how much will you be required to pay. 

With the Summer Price Promotion for UberX, base rate starts at S$3.50 with a minimum spend of S$8. Per KM charge is now S$0.30 and per minute charge is S$0.16 for this promotion. For a more detailed comparison between previous and current promotional pricing, please see the table below:

or those of you that do not already have an existing Uber account, please feel free to use my affiliate link. You will get a free S$10 credit to your account using my link and I will too when you make your first successful UberX trip! 

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I have previously covered an Uber(BLACK) review and did not find it to be spectacular from a price point of view but I will most definitely be taking advantage of this UberX promotion.

Safe travels!