3 Boutique Hotels to check-in (and check out) in Singapore!

Boutique hotels differ from their larger chain hotel counterparts through many features. Usually, the most apparent one is size. Boutique hotels are comparatively smaller and usually have less than 100 rooms. In comparison a large-scale hotel like the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has 2,561 rooms and suites. Secondly, boutique hotels often stand out in terms of design and architecture. You will not find your vanilla business amenities here but instead, be prepared to indulge in bold and unconventional fittings. Lastly, boutique hotels offer privacy and intimacy. Due to its smaller size, there are opportunities for service staff to truly know their guests on a more personal level which provides a chance to make their stay a remarkable one. 

While we are fortunate in Singapore to have many large scale and international hotel brands, there are not many boutique hotels that stand out. One should not be confused between budget small scale hotels and boutique hotels because they are vastly different. Smaller boutique hotels do not always mean it is cheaper (although the general trend is very much so) and it also does not mean that the quality of accommodation is of an inferior quality. 

1. Lloyd's Inn - from S$158++
(Click HERE to access my review of the Sky Room.)

Hands down, Lloyd's Inn is the winner and my personal favourite. It is easily accessible via Somerset MRT and is within walking distance to the country's most famous shopping strip. It isn't dressed in luxurious fittings and it isn't pretentious. That being said, the minimalist design truly differentiates itself from the rest in being an affordable accommodation option for travellers and locals who are interested in exploring the area. Lloyd's Inn isn't about a luxurious getaway. It is about fulfilling the Lloyd's Experience and having the enjoyment of space to do what you want. It is an opportunity to rehabilitate yourself emotionally and indulge in the process.

2. Naumi Hotel - from S$285++
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After undergoing an extensive multi-million dollar refurbishment, the Naumi Hotel is on the luxury end of the Boutique Hotel in Singapore spectrum. The rooftop infinity pool has been rated by many travellers as one of the best around in Singapore. While the Habitat Room did not come with a luxurious bathtub, the room fittings and lightings were incredible. The room was intelligently designed and is filled with little surprises all around. My personal favourite is the magic glass in the shower which fogs up at the touch of a button. Automatic rolling blinds are made available in the room to make going to bed (and waking up) stress-free. The room also comes with a selection of complimentary mini-bar items (including the small bottles of  gin, whiskey and vodka).

3. WANGZ Hotel - from S$228++
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Housed in a unique barrel-shaped building along Tiong Bahru Road, the intimate boutique hotel, WANGZ Hotel has an inviting and warm space that is further augmented by commodious room size and great service. Enjoy a deep bathtub and luxurious bath amenities from Molton Brown while you idle your weekend away at this strategically located property. If you're up for some coffee, put on some walking shoes and explore the Tiong Bahru area. Check out the rooftop lounge, Halo, which serves uniquely crafted cocktails with a selection of international tapas and entrées.