3 Boutique Hotels to check-in (and check out) in Singapore!

Boutique hotels differ from their larger chain hotel counterparts through many features. Usually, the most apparent one is size. Boutique hotels are comparatively smaller and usually have less than 100 rooms. Due to its smaller size, there are more opportunities for service staff to truly know their guests on a more personal level which provides a chance to make their stay more remarkable. Check out these three boutique hotels for your next staycation escape in Singapore! 

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Hotel Review: Wangz Hotel

An intimate boutique hotel located along Tiong Bahru Road, the WANGZ Hotel is celebrating her fifth birthday at the end of the year. Housed in a unique barrel-shaped building, the hotel was previously known as the Tarng Chern Building and then the Hope Centre. Beyond the intriguing architecture lies an inviting and warm space that is further augmented by commodious room size and great service. I stayed in a Canopy Room that comes with a luxurious king-size bed featuring ultra-plush pillows and down feather duvet all piled atop a Sealy Posturepedic bed. 

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Boutique Hotel Reviews

Personally, I'm a huge fan of chain hotels for the formality and structure they have in place - especially in the loyalty programme aspect. However, boutique hotels being limited in size, can provide special aspects to hotel stays. While it does not generally appeal to me, the level of intimacy in an exemplary boutique property allows the hotel to bridge the gap between staff and guest, revealing an opportunity to make a lasting impression on hotel guests.

Over the next month, I will feature four boutique properties in Singapore - some of which are truly impressive! 

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