Five Pen Cais to Impress your Family this Chinese New Year

The Chinese (Lunar) New Year is coming up on 19 February 2015 (Thursday) and for everyone who holds a day job, there is going to be a long weekend ahead for us! On Lunar New Year Eve, it is customary for all Chinese families to have a Reunion Dinner with their immediate or extended family. Over the years, the Pen Cai which was initially from Hong Kong has started to become a must-have dish for many Chinese families in Singapore during this important occasion. Here are five impressive Pen Cais that you can be sure to impress your family this Lunar New Year! 

1. Man Fu Yuan (满福苑) at InterContinental Singapore

S$428+ (Serves 5) 
Deluxe Treasures Pot (and Yusheng)

Despite the S$428+ (takeaway) price tag, the Deluxe Treasures Pot which feeds five adults comfortably also comes with a Yusheng. Having tasted a few different Pen Cais at some of the best restaurants in Singapore, i can safely say that this is the one I like the most for sure! 

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2. Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore

S$628+ (Serves 10)
Golden Opulence Pen Cai (如意金装盆菜)

Most people know Hai Tien Lo for its affordable (in terms of price-to-quality ratio) Chinese cuisine. The Golden Opulence Pen Cai which feeds 10 adults comfortably is priced at S$628+ and it is available for takeaway. What's in it you say? Whole Abalone (Eight-Head), Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Pork Knuckle, Chinese Mushrooms, Bean Gluten, Goose Web, Deer Tendon, Fresh Prawns, Hokkaido Scallops, Roasted Duck, Lotus Root, Black Moss and Chinese Baby Cabbage. There is also a smaller version (with a few lesser ingredients) for S$368+ that feeds 6 adults. 

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3. Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

S$338+ (Serves 6)
Cherry Garden Treasure Pot (十发樱桃聚宝盆)

The Cherry Garden Treasure Pot (priced at S$338+ for takeaway) is a casserole of sea treasures, poultry and vegetables with a total of thirteen ingredients. Here are the key ingredients: Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Conpoy, Dace Fillet, Scallop, Prawn, Dried Oyster, Chinese Sausage, Black Moss, Mushroom, Roasted Pork, and Roasted Duck. 

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4. Yan Ting at St Regis Singapore

S$468+ (Serves 6)
Chinese New Year Pun Choy (with Yusheng, Glutinous Rice and Osmanthus Cake)

The Chinese New Year Pen Cai (or Pun Choy) at Yan Ting (St Regis Singapore) which serves six adults, comes with a S$468+ (takeaway) price tag. That being said, you are getting a lot of value here - Yu Sheng, Glutinous Rice and Osmanthus Cake! Definitely the most value-for-money bundle from one of the top Chinese restaurants in Singapore. 

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5. Wan Hao at Marriott Singapore

S$352+ (Serves 4) | S$528+ (Serves 6)
Wan Hao Deluxe Abalone Pen Cai

The Wan Hao Deluxe Abalone Pen Cai comes with the biggest abalones of the lot! Included in this delicious casserole of goodness: 5 Heads Australian Abalone, 80 Heads Conpoy, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Black Mushroom, Prawn, Pork Belly stewed with Taro, Roasted Duck, Chinese Cabbage, Sea Moss, Mustard Greens, Japanese Turnip and Gluten. 

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