My HotelQuickly Experience + S$30 Code

If you are looking for last minute accommodation or staycation options, HotelQuickly offers you some extremely competitive rates with some drawbacks. When you download the HotelQuickly app, you will realise that you are only able to make reservations for today or tomorrow. While you can't book in advance, you will quickly realise that the room rates can sometimes be significantly lesser than what is being charged on other booking sites. 

As a quick recap, here's how you can fully benefit from this amazing little application (or click HERE to read my previous post on HotelQuickly):

  • Download "HotelQuickly" app and install it on your mobile device.
  • Register for a new account. 
  • Click on Credits and click on the ADD/REDEEM button below.
  • Enter "MCHUA21" (without the quotation marks) to get S$30 credit. 
  • Click on the ADD/REDEEM button again.
  • Enter "SURVYAY" (without the quotation marks) to get 5% off eligible rates.
  • If you own a CIMB Card, enter "CIMB10" (without the quotation marks) to receive an additional 10% off eligible rates.

I made use of my existing credits and stayed in the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay for a night (do note that with HotelQuickly, you can book up to 5 nights). Please click HERE to read my previous review to find out more about the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay.

After making a reservation via the HotelQuickly app, I was asked to enter my credit card details since it was my first booking. Since I did not have a CIMB credit card, I was unable to benefit from a further 10% discount off the already lucrative rates. On that same night, I proceeded to send an email to Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay, asking them to confirm my reservation and to attach my Platinum IHG Rewards Club Number to the reservation. While this is a non-qualifying stay, I was hoping to get some of the Platinum benefits (e.g. late check-out) with the impromptu stay. 

However, to my horror, I was told that they were unable to locate my reservation despite me providing the confirmation number and telling them that the reservation was made on HotelQuickly. While waiting for Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay to get back to me, I randomly tweeted on my Twitter page on the situation. To my surprise, I received a reply from HotelQuickly in less than 10 minutes, informing me that they are 'calling the hotel [to locate my reservation]'. How's that for embracing the social media? 

Shortly after, I received another tweet telling me that they have ironed out the situation with Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay and I was then 'able to check in'. Really impressive service despite paying at least 40% off the published rates on Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay's website. Finally when I got to the hotel, I was able to check in without a hitch and my IHG Rewards Club number was already safely appended to my reservation. 

While the entire booking experience with HotelQuickly was not exactly fuss-free, I am truly impressed by their efficiency and dedication. Although most of my stays are generally planned way beforehand to take advantage of advance purchase rates, HotelQuickly remains to be one of the best booking sites to go to when I am in need of a quick staycation fix.