My First Unlimited Skype WiFi Experience in Sydney

So I am currently at the Ibis Sydney Thornleigh and WiFi access is chargeable at AU$10 (or AU$15 for premium) per 24 hours. Earlier this year, I purchased the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle for US$149 and it came with unlimited Skype WiFi access (amongst a ton of other things) - apparently this is the ONLY way you can get UNLIMITED Skype WiFi but I never thought much about it since WiFi is usually readily available.

Click HERE to purchase the Work and Play bundle for US$149!

Skype WiFi 

Skype WiFi 

When I opened up the Skype WiFi app on my iPhone at the Ibis Sydney Thornleigh, I was surprised to find out that WiFi was complimentary due to my unlimited Skype WiFi access. If you do not have access to unlimited Skype WiFi, you can still use the service which is chargeable at a per-minute basis. 

This is not a bad service to consider if you travel a lot. I will show you how you can get complimentary WiFi around the world with your American Express card next!