Lunch at LeVeL33 (Marina Bay Financial Centre - Tower One)

LeVeL33 is no stranger to people who work in the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Towers. The restaurant is also well-known for one of the best views in Singapore and is thought to rival that of Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant which is well, located on level 33 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre One offers high ceiling, ample natural lighting and warm earthly colours. Needless to say that the experience here in the day and night will be completely different. 

A 3-course Executive Set Lunch is available at LeVeL33 for S$33++. Since food around the MBFC can be rather costly, the set lunch here at LeVeL33 offers pretty good value for what you are paying. The Executive Set Lunch comes with the following:

  • Appetiser Buffet from the Ploughman's Table
  • Choice of Main Course (limited)
  • Dessert (and Fruit) Buffet from the Ploughman's Table

There is a pretty decent selection of appetisers (or antipasto) at the Ploughman's Table. While I was there, diners could choose from fresh salads, cold cuts, cheese and some seafood. Most of the salads are vegetarian itself (although you are more than welcome to slap on the cold cuts or seafood yourself) so if you are looking for a vegan-friendly restaurant, this may be a potential spot! 

I'm not a huge fan of the greens in general (although I do make an exception for some places) so I ended up filling my plate with carbohydrates, cold cuts and shrimps. There are approximately seven items to choose from for the mains with a couple of exclusive selections like the Osso Buco (additional S$7++) which is a slow braised veal with saffron rissoto and the Game Burger (additional S$5++) which uses a Kangaroo patty. I went for the Roasted Angus Beef Sirloin Sandwich while my friends went for the Fish & Chips and Mixed Seafood Linguine. 

While waiting for the main courses to come, we ordered the Beer Tasting Paddle (S$20.33++) - yes, even though it is only noon - which comes with five 100ml LeVel33 Craft Brews tasters. I'm not sure what the sequence of drinking is but I started with the Blond Lager and worked my way down to the Stout on the right. 

The Roasted Angus Sirloin Sandwich came with onion marmalade, wholegrain mustard and arugula. Firstly, I thought the sirloin cut was too thin and therefore it is easy to overcook it. My experience with this sandwich was an overcooked and almost dry Angus sirloin that was not enjoyable. I did however like the contrast of flavours between the mustard and the peppery arugula. A thicker cut and lesser time on the grill would make this dish a winning one. 

The Fish and Chips here comprises of a dory fillet tempura, fat cup chips and crushed peas. Visually, the dish looks stunning - I particularly like the contrast of green and golden brown. The fish itself was succulent and while dory is a pretty affordable fish in general, it was cooked to a good doneness. The only thing that would have made this dish stand out is the use of fresh instead of frozen fillets. Perhaps an alternate version of fish and chips with red snapper could be done to bring this dish to a higher level. Otherwise, the crushed peas and tartare goes really well with the light but flavourful batter. 

The Mixed Seafood Linguine comes in a spiced Provençale sauce which is a mix of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. While the dish may sound simple, it is usually the simplest dish that messes up the most easily. Fortunately, the linguine here was cooked to the right texture - al dente or firm to the bite. The seafood was decent but nothing to shout about. The sauce on the other hand was delicious and left me wanting for more. 

As part of the Set Lunch, you will be able to enjoy a range of desserts at the Ploughman's Table. The carrot cake had great flavours but was a little too dry for my liking. The profiteroles on the other hand was moist and delicious. 

We also ordered a Chocolate Cake to share but it is worth noting that it is not a molton lava chocolate cake - so don't expect a lava-like chocolate to flow out of it when you cut it open. Coffee and Tea are also available at a nominal cost of S$6++ to S$7++. All in all I think the price of the Set Lunch at LeVeL33 is excellent. The view from this place is truly the main drawing factor and the craft beers are decent (300ml S$9.33++ | 500ml S$13.33++) both price and taste-wise. Come here for a drink and stay for the view; food is optional.