The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra

Singaporeans love their buffets and there is plenty to choose from in this little city. Dinner buffets start from as little as S$20 and it goes all the way up to a pretty hefty sum. With all the different themed buffets at contrasting price points, there is definitely at least one to fit the budget and craving that you have. What is hard to find however, is a buffet with quality meats and roasts but The Carvery at the relatively new Park Hotel Alexandra brings to you just that. 

The Carvery - Park Hotel Alexandra

The Carvery - Park Hotel Alexandra

If you are not salivating from seeing that massive prime rib yet, then this buffet is probably not for you. If you are, then the good news is that you can now enjoy delicious roasts at a really affordable price every day! 

For those of you wanting to indulge a little more, be sure to give the Yorkshire Pudding a try but my advice is to get them fast since they fly out like hotcakes. 

Pork knuckles are also available but the best roast of the night for me has got to be the tender and flavourful rotisserie chicken (not shown in the photo above). Do ask the chef at the show kitchen which sauces go with which meat for the best dining experience. Besides, you really won't want to be putting mustard on your chicken. 

Apart from the beautiful roasts available at The Carvery, some other notable dishes include this delicious seafood stew (although the squid could have been a little more chewy but that's just my personal preference) and those amazing daikons (Japanese radish). 

The Carvery is great place for quality food. It may not be as extensive as the restaurants within the larger hotel chains but it is quiet, tamed and extremely comfortable. 



for Lunch

S$52++ | S$62++

for Dinner (Sun-Thu) | (Fri - Sat)