Complete Guide to Using Arrture with Plaza Premium Lounges (Accessible with Priority Pass)

The next time you drop by a Plaza Premium Lounge, look our for the opportunity to sign-up to be an Arrture member - it is completely free of charge and you will be able to accrue Arrture Points which you can redeem for complimentary lounge access passes (for yourself or your family and friends). Arrture is also planning to allow members to redeem their Arrture Points for "goods and services in the future".

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Arrture Airport Travel Rewards | Photo Credit: Arrture

Arrture Airport Travel Rewards | Photo Credit: Arrture

What is Arrture?

Arrture claims to be a global loyalty programme that rewards frequent travellers - it is the loyalty program for the Plaza Premium Group and it aims to bring its members unrivalled accessibility to a wide range of airport services and air travel benefits.

Are All Plaza Premium Lounges Participating in the Arrture Program?

Unfortunately not (yet). At the time of writing, there are 43 different Plaza Premium Lounges that are currently participating in the Arrture Program.

Where do I Sign-up?

Registration can only take place within participating Plaza Premium Lounges at this point - there is no way to sign-up online. 

Earning and Using Arrture Points | Photo Credit: Arrture

Earning and Using Arrture Points | Photo Credit: Arrture

How do I Earn Arrture Points?

Visiting any participating Plaza Premium Lounge will earn you 100 Arrture Points. The only caveat is that you do need to present your Arrture e-membership card at the time of entry in order to get the points posted into your account (you can't claim it retrospectively once you leave the lounge). According to the Terms and Conditions, you may also earn Arrture Points by purchasing "partners' goods or services offered on the Arrture Online Marketplace". Points are generally updated into your account within 6 weeks from the date of transaction.

How do I Redeem Arrture Points?

Arrture claims that the points can be used to redeem for lounge-access vouchers as well as other "goods and services in the future". Click HERE for more information on redemption options - vouchers start from just 1,000 Arrture Points. 

When will my Arrture Points Expire?

Upon account activation, Arrture Points are valid for three years. Your Arrture account will never expire.

Arrture Airport Travel Rewards | Photo Credit: Arrture

Arrture Airport Travel Rewards | Photo Credit: Arrture

It doesn't matter whether your visit to the participating Plaza Premium Lounge is a paid-entry or one that you get free with your credit card or network airline access - 100 points will be awarded so long you are able to present your e-membership card at the point of entry. Obviously visiting a participating Plaza Premium Lounge twenty times just to get a free entry voucher sounds pretty unattractive but it is definitely interesting to see what other kinds of goods and services will Arrture members be able to redeem for in the near future.