Earn Up to 12 Miles per S$1 on top of Credit Card Miles with Mileslife - Sign-up for 1,000 Free Miles!

While I have written about Mileslife on multiple occasions, there are so many current promotions right now that I think it will be a good idea to summarise them in a separate post. There are currently 13 airline partners where you can earn miles on when you spend on hotel stays, travel experiences, spa and more importantly, dining. There is always the opportunity to earn up to 3 miles per dollar on dining on a daily basis but right now, if you stack the right promotions and offers, you are looking at 12 miles per dollar on dining which is just amazing! 

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Photo Credit: Mileslife

Photo Credit: Mileslife

Clicking on the 'Best For Miles' option in dining will show you a list of restaurants that are currently offering 1 SGD = 3 Mile. Here are a list of promotions/offers that are currently active to help you make more miles on dining:

  • SPEEDUP (minimum spend of S$49) - 500 Miles 
  • 3X Miles on EVA Air Infinity Mileage Lands
  • 2x Miles on American Express KrisFlyer Co-Branded Credit Card
  • Tuesday/Thursday Bonus Miles - 200 or 400 miles

To fully maximise the miles earning opportunities right now, charge at least S$79 to dining this thursday and you could potentially be earning up to 6X Miles on the pre-tax dining amount as well as up to 900 (or 1,900 if you are a new user and sign-up now) extra miles on top of what you would earn on your credit card!