Singapore Airlines to Increase Required KrisFlyer Miles for Star Alliance Award Tickets - 7 December 2017

Singapore Airlines will soon allow KrisFlyer members to redeem their KrisFlyer miles for award tickets on Star Alliance and other partners on or via their mobile applicable from 07 December 2017. More importantly, there will be an increase in required KrisFlyer Miles for some Star Alliance Award Tickets (Business and First Class only) from the very same day. 

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Royal Laurel on EVA Air | Photo Credit: EVA Air

Royal Laurel on EVA Air | Photo Credit: EVA Air

When looking at Singapore (South East Asia 1) as the port of origin only, the number of required KrisFlyer miles for an award ticket redemption in Economy Class will remain the same for all Star Alliance partners. However, certain changes will be made for a handful of award flights in the Business and First Class cabin (where it truly matters!).

First Class | Photo Credit: Lufthansa

First Class | Photo Credit: Lufthansa

Changes to Required KrisFlyer Miles for One-way Redemption on 

North America

  • First Class: 135,000 Miles (from 112,500 Miles) - up 20.0%

Hawaii, Central America

First Class: 135,000 Miles (from 112,500 Miles) - up 20.0%


  • Business Class: 85,000 Miles (from 80,000 Miles) - up 6.3%
  • First Class: 129,000 Miles (from 107,500 Miles) - up 20.0%

Middle East, North Africa

  • Business Class: 65,000 Miles (from 50,000 Miles) - up 30.0%
  • First Class: 85,000 Miles (from 70,000 Miles) - up 21.4%

North Asia 1

  • Business Class: 37,500 Miles (from 27,500 Miles) - up 36.4%
  • First Class: 47,500 Miles (from 37,500 Miles) - up 26.7%

North Asia 2

  • Business Class: 43,000 Miles (from 40,000 Miles) - up 7.5%
  • First Class: 65,000 Miles (from 60,000 Miles) - up 8.3%

South West Pacific

  • Business Class: 66,000 Miles (from 55,000 Miles) - up 20.0%
  • First Class: 90,000 Miles (from 75,000 Miles) - up 20.0%
Polaris | Photo Credit: United

Polaris | Photo Credit: United

With effect from 7 December 2017, an offline service fee of USD25 or 2,500 KrisFlyer miles will be introduced for the following services rendered by any Singapore Airlines office and reservations hotline:

  • Redemption ticket bookings
  • Redemption ticket changes
  • Redemption upgrades
  • KrisFlyer membership services, including updating of passport details, adding or changing Redemption Group Nominees

This service fee will be waived for transactions that cannot be performed online.