Singapore Airlines' Seat Selection and Booking Management gets a Refreshed Look

While checking out some of my upcoming flights on Singapore Airlines, I noticed that the way flights are displayed when you Manage Booking as well as select your seats are different. Even though the changes are not drastic, it is interesting to see how Singapore Airlines now make it easier for you to know exactly which type of aircraft will you be traveling on. 

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Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 5.31.19 PM.png

Selecting a flight without checking the aircraft type can be a costly mistake - especially in Business Class and First Class - since it typically depicts what kind of seats you are going to get. For example, Singapore to Shanghai is served by both the A380 as well as the 777-300ER and the latter aircraft that is used in this route has been retrofitted with a newer Business Class product. 

The seat selection page also looks different now and while it takes some getting used to, the 'blue' seats are now depicting the ones that are available and the greyed out ones are simply unavailable. If you have a particular seat in mind and you wish to be notified the moment it becomes available, using Seat Alerts on ExpertFlyer is an excellent way to do so.