What Really Makes a Good Hotel Room?

What is it that truly defines a good hotel room? This might sound like a simple question, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds to get right, and sadly, a lot of hotels these days fail to hit the mark. 

Of course there are a few basic points that are an absolute given. Cleanliness is close to godliness after all, and what you never want is to be reminded of just how many people have stayed in the room before you by unseemly stains in the bathroom! Any hint of the presence of a previous occupant is off-putting, so the room has to be perfectly clean and tidy.

Less obvious, but equally important, is the design of the room itself. This isn’t being fussy or too demanding; this is just facing the fact that a hotel is supposed to be a home from home so should feel like one. Nobody wants to spend hours in a hotel room that feels like a barracks or a youth hostel, so the room’s design is crucial. Check out these really unusual hotels to see what can be done with the help of a little imagination! 

Obviously, being realistic, you must bear in mind that hotels do come in all shapes and sizes and you can’t expect luxury if you’re staying somewhere cheap and cheerful. However, aesthetically pleasing design is sometimes a matter of spacing and the hotelier having a good eye, as much as it is a question of budget. The bed is usually the centrepiece of the room, unless it’s a particularly grand suite with a lounge area, so this is the first thing that the eye goes to on entering the room. 

If the bed is well dressed then you’ll feel comforted when walking in. Hotels often go for that fashionable option now of a multitude of cushions arranged on the bed, which is lovely to look at, though a little impractical when it comes to sleeping! Another nice touch that can be seen more and more now is a decorative headboard in sumptuous velvet, or even the whole bed in velvet like these ones from Bedstar. These velvet beds definitely make you feel at home, and if the theme is continued throughout with the odd velvet cushion or perhaps textured picture on the walls then you’re on to a winner.

Finally, it’s the little touches that really make for memorable hospitality and a good room: those minute details that people don’t always think of such as a little welcome package. This doesn’t mean being showered with gifts, simply a nice tea and coffee tray with some other refreshments ready for when you check in. Likewise in the bathroom there should be shower gel, shampoo and all the things you need but that have an irritating tendency to get forgotten when packing. If you’re often unsure what you can and can’t take from a hotel then have a look at this guide

A good hotel room is crucial to helping you enjoy your stay anywhere, particularly when you’re visiting an area for the first time or are perhaps travelling alone in a big city. That sense of a safe haven is exactly what you need and it all comes down to the details.