Upcoming Changes to Hilton Honors in April 2018 - More Points, Elite Rollover Nights and Status Gifting

Hilton Honors have undergone some changes back in 2017 where members are allowed to pool their Hilton Honors Points with up to ten members for free. Come April 2018, there will once again be changes to the Hilton Honors program to reward members who stay more often with unlimited milestone bonuses. Additionally, members who hit a number of calendar nights will be able to gift Gold and Diamond status to a fellow member. 

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Photo Credit: Hilton Honors

Photo Credit: Hilton Honors

1. Points-earning Preference - no more Double Dip on Points

All Hilton Honors members earn 10 Hilton Honors points per USD spent in qualifying charges. There is currently the option to select either Points or Miles as your points-earning preference - if you do go with the former, it is an additional 5 Hilton Honors points per USD (making it 15 points per USD). In April, this choice will be taken away and all Hilton Honors members will only be able to earn points (which they can then convert into miles) - there will no longer be the option to earn Points + Points. Instead, what you will earn is 10 Hilton Honors points per USD and any elite bonus that you get as shown below:

Photo Credit: Hilton Honors

Photo Credit: Hilton Honors

2. Elite Members Earn More Points (Kinda)

Starting from April 2018, elite members of the Hilton Honors program will be able to earn up to 100% on base points - Diamond Members will be able to earn 20 (10 + 10) Hilton Honors points per USD which is essentially the same as right now if your bonus preference has been set for points. However, if you have had your preference set on miles, you will soon be earning 20 points instead of 15 per USD which is a pretty decent bump. As a quick summary, base members will earn 10, silver members will earn 12, gold members will earn 18 and diamond members will earn 20 Hilton Honors points per USD. 

Hilton Honors Points per USD 1
Current New
(April 2018)
Base Points 10 Points 10 Points
Bonus Preference 5 Points or 1 Mile N/A
Elite Bonus (Additional Points)
Silver 1.5 2
Gold 2.5 8
Diamond 5 10

3. Milestone Bonuses (Stay More Nights = More Bonus Points)

The upcoming changes will reward Hilton Honors members who stay more nights. While it is still possible to qualify for Diamond with 30 stays, members who qualify it the 'harder way' at 60 nights will be rewarded with an additional 60,000 Hilton Honors points as well as the ability to gift a fellow member Gold status. 

Number of Nights Milestone Bonus #1 Milestone Bonus #2 Elite Status Gift
40 Nights +10,000 +0
50 Nights +10,000 +0
60 Nights +10,000 +30,000 Gold Status
70 Nights +10,000 +0
80 Nights +10,000 +0
90 Nights +10,000 +0
100 Nights +10,000 +0 Diamond Status

4. Give Someone Special Gold or Diamond Status!

Once you hit 60 and 100 eligible nights with the Hilton Honors program in a calendar year, you will be able to give someone Gold and Diamond status respectively. This is in addition to the milestone bonuses which you will earn as detailed above. 

5. Elite Rollover Nights

Starting this year, Silver, Gold and Diamond members can rollover nights earned beyond their current elite tier requirements to count towards their elite tier status the following year.