Double Points from Second Stay (19 March to 04 June 2019) with Marriott Bonvoy Double Take Promotion - Register Now!

Now that Marriott Bonvoy has officially launched, a brand new promotion has unveiled for stays between 19 March 2019 and 04 June 2019 - members will be able to earn double base points from their second stay during the aforementioned period. 

Click HERE to register for Double Marriott Bonvoy Points!

Photo Credit: Marriott Bonvoy

Photo Credit: Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy U.S. Card Members will also earn an additional 500 bonus points for weekend stays from the very stay stay (unfortunately, none of us in this part of the world). Most brands under the portfolio will earn you 10 points per USD (some brands like Element will only earn you 5 points unfortunately) so you can potentially earn at least 20 points per USD under this promotion. If you are a Marriott Bonvoy elite member, you can earn up to the following under this Double Take promotion:

  • Silver Elite: 21 points per USD

  • Gold Elite: 22.5 points per USD

  • Platinum Elite: 25 points per USD

  • Titanium Elite & Ambassador Elite members: 27.5 points per USD