[Triple Dip Opportunity] 13% off + S$100 Flight Rebate on Zuji

You know the drill! Take 13% off hotels when you book on Zuji.com.sg when you use an OCBC Card. All you have to do is to enter the promo code "OCBCSANTA13" upon checkout and receive 13% off hotel stays up to 30 April 2015. Do note that he taxes and surcharges on Zuji are significantly LOWER and therefore it is always a great idea to check the final price. These stays need to be booked before 17 December 2014 so don't miss out on this amazing promotion - read on to find out how you can save over 20% by triple dipping! 

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Triple Dipping (Save >20%)

In case you are wondering what triple dipping is, it is to benefit from three existing (stackable) promotions from just one transaction (think about it as a combo!). In order to this, you will require the OCBC Frank Credit Card which gives you 6% in rebate when you spend above S$500 on that card in a month. If you have an OCBC 360 Account, this will trigger your 1% Bonus Interest.

How's that for Triple Dipping? 

Let's look at spending a luxurious stay on Christmas Eve this year at the beautiful Fullerton Bay Hotel. At the time of writing, the room rate (with breakfast inclusive) for a Double Deluxe room at the Fullerton Bay Hotel on 24 December is S$568 before taxes (approximately S$611 nett after taxes). Note that the applicable taxes for all hotels booked via Zuji is less than the usual 17.7%. 

Promotion 1: OCBC Zuji 13% off Code

Using the "OCBCSANTA13" code will reduce the rate to S$531.26 nett (from S$610.63), saving you S$79.37. 

Promotion 2: OCBC Frank Credit Card (6% Rebate)

Using the OCBC Frank Credit Card will save you 6% off your S$531.26 purchase and therefore, you will get back S$31.88 in the next period. Your total savings is now at S$111.25.

Promotion 3: OCBC 360 Account (Bonus Interest)

Spending more than S$400 on your OCBC Credit Card will trigger the 1% bonus interest for the month. Assuming you have S$50,000 in your OCBC 360 Account, this will trigger S$41.66 additional interest for the month. Your total savings is now estimated to be at S$152.91. This is a whooping 25% cash back (or savings whichever way you see it) for ONE transaction. 

Regular Price: S$610.63 | Triple Dipping Price: S$457.72 (25% off!)