Triple Dipping in Credit Card Promotions

Cards Required:

  1. New ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card
  2. Registered EZ-Link Imagine American Express® Prepaid Card
  3. Amazon Account (Optional)

Applicants who apply for the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card under the promotion from 01 February 2014 to 31 April 2014 can qualify for 2,750 Travel$ (which can be redeemed for $50) and an additional bonus 2,000 Travel$ after $700 of eligible spend within 30 days from the date of approval. For the full terms and conditions of this offer, please click here. Redeeming the bonus Travel$ for cash rebate will give me $100 back for $700 spend with 230 Travel$ remaining (approximately 14.9% rebate). 

However, since I do not have any planned expenses of $700 or more coming up, I decided to top up $700 to my Imagine Prepaid AMEX Card to hopefully qualify for this promotion. The second promotion is offered by the Imagine Card. A pair of Shaw Movie Vouchers will be issued to registered customers upon a minimum of SGD $100 spend in a non-SGD currency. The accumulated spend needs to fall between 11 to 20 March 2014 (settled by 25 March 2014) - full details here

Once again, I have no immediate plans to spend more than SGD $100 in foreign currency and therefore I decided to send myself a gift card on Amazon in order to qualify for this promotion. I have chosen a slightly higher value - USD $83 (approximately SGD $105) to make sure that the order exceeds SGD $100. It is worth noting that these gift cards have no expiry dates

Additionally, spending on the AMEX purse of the Imagine Card grants me 5% rebate (for up to $5 each month). Essentially, this gives me $5 back for the $105 spent on redeeming the USD $83 Gift Card on Amazon. 

In conclusion, charging my Imagine Card with SGD $700 and then spending SGD $105 on the gift card will potentially give me SGD $105 (from ANZ and Imagine Card) in cash back and two Shaw Movie Vouchers.