Hotel Review: Lloyd's Inn Singapore

Having been around for over 23 years, Lloyd's Inn went through a major revamp and reopened to the public again less than two months. In contrast to the older facade, Lloyd's Inn boasts a perfect harmony of minimalist design elements. The result of this carefully curated property? A hidden oasis where time stands still. Conveniently located just 5-10 minutes stroll from Somerset MRT station, the minimalist boutique hotel, Lloyd's Inn offers immense value to travellers and staycation goers. I stayed in a Sky Room this time and in short, I loved every bit of my experience. 


The room was spacious for a boutique hotel and was simply furnished. That being said, the room had all the essentials that you may require for a stay away from home. In fact, I was surprised to even find a safe, basic tea and coffee making facilities as well as an ironing board hidden away from plain sight (in one of the drawers under the TV). For those who are seeking an escape from the mundane routine of life, you'll be pleased to know that the TV comes with a modest selection of cable channels. 

There's a sleek black sofa for those who prefer to read or lounge away from the bed. The long glass windows and sliding door allows the room to enjoy natural lighting. Blinds can be drawn if you wish to sleep during the daytime (nothing like a little siesta really!). 

The most celebrated aspect of this room is most definitely the separate outdoor bathtub which opens up to the sky. For the sun worshippers, you can enjoy a tan while being in the tub during the early afternoon. Conversely, for those who avoid the sun like the plague, you will be happy to know that there's a manually retractable awning that you can draw to form a barrier between you and the giant fireball. Enjoying a soak in the comfort of your own room (more accurately, balcony) while enjoying the sun is definitely an interesting experience. 

A mini bar fridge is provided in the room for your convenience. You won't find it fully stocked with overpriced canned drinks, beers and liquors here. Large international chains usually stuff these fridges with expensive items, leaving no space for you to put anything inside. Feel free to utilise this fridge for your personal drinks and snacks. The drawer next to the fridge opens up to basic tea and coffee making facilities. It is really amazing how much of everything the room hides away to ensure a clean design - almost like a treasure hunt! If you forgot to bring basic hygiene products, you will find them here so don't worry if you need some place to crash after a long day out. Celebrate spontaneity! 


The Sky Room includes a large working desk, making it possible to get some work done. Unlike many large chain hotels, complimentary internet is already included in the room rate - you just have to ask the friendly hotel staff for the unique password. With that being said though, there is a limit to the number of devices you can connect per room so don't be too eager to connect your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and everything else immediately. 

The bathroom and rain shower is located outside. There's also a shower curtain If you're worried about privacy. Having the bathroom away from the bedroom is an excellent idea! If you're sharing the room with a friend, it will be less awkward to indulge in personal businesses. 

The outdoor rain shower allows for an invigorating shower experience. Amenities are provided by an in-house brand but they worked pretty well for me. 


Bathrobes in the style of Japanese kimonos are provided in the room and there's ample space for you to hang your clothes. One point to note though! While these bars can take a decent amount of weight, they are not designed for you to hang from - breaking them will result in a rather costly fee. 


Guests with power hungry devices will be pleased to know that power sockets are provided tastefully and generously throughout the room. One power socket can be found on each side of the bed - this is definitely something that I will love to have in my house in the future. 

Individually bottled bath amenities playfully spell out the word "Lloyd's". The level of detail found across the whole property becomes increasingly apparent as you progress through your stay. 

This is basically what you see when you look up from the outdoor bathtub. You enjoy direct views of the sky (or night sky) from the comfort of your tub. 

Complimentary water and daily housekeeping are provided daily and already included in the room rate. Since the boutique hotel does not have an attached restaurant, Singapore's traditional breakfast is served at Killiney Kopitiam or at Freshly Baked for those with a more Western-palate. The former option is complimentary while the latter option requires a small fee to top up the price difference. Both restaurants are located approximately five minutes away from the hotel. 


There's also a common pantry that hotel guests may utilise. The pantry comes equipped with a microwave, ice and water dispenser, coffee machine as well as a vending machine. Additionally, there's ample seating available for you to mingle with other travellers and hotel guests. 

Lloyd's Inn comes with its very own iconic dipping pool (not to be confused with a swimming pool). While it's not deep enough for swimming, the dipping pool allows travellers to enjoy the sun while soaking in a gigantic bathtub (please do not drop a bath bomb into the pool though!). The meteorite by the pool lights up the area dimly and beautifully at night, making the entire area a charming place to enjoy light conversations or simply just to rest and relax. 

Room rates at Lloyd's Inn are pretty low and I would definitely classify them as a great deal or a steal! The Sky Room that I stayed in is S$198++ and the Standard Room starts from S$158++. Bigger rooms are also available at S$228++. However, since this charming little property is insanely popular, you may not find availability for the room type of your choice if you stay for a long period of time. Thus, I would highly advise you to get on the website and book early to avoid disappointments. 

I guess Lloyd's Inn has really raised the bar for all boutique hotels in Singapore by providing such an excellent price for a beautiful experience. While it isn't directly located on the famous shopping strip, the hotel is only a short walk away. There's also a supermarket nearby (5 minutes) where you can stock up on snacks or other amenities should you require them. Travellers who wish to stay in the Orchard area without having to pay exorbitant prices should definitely get a room at Lloyd's Inn. City dwellers should also consider having a staycation here to take a break away from the world and reconnect with yourself by reading a good book, enjoying some good tea (I highly recommend Gryphon Tea) or simply just to stay in bed (or the tub!). 

At the end of the day, Lloyd's Inn isn't about a luxurious getaway. It is about fulfilling the Lloyd's Experience and having the enjoyment of space to do what you want. It is an opportunity to rehabilitate yourself emotionally and indulge in the process.

Lloyd's Inn
2 Lloyd Road, Singapore 239091
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Hotel stay has been sponsored by Lloyd's Inn, though all views expressed are my own.