How to be an Online Shopping (Money-Saving) Ninja in Singapore

Many of us in Singapore turn to on-line shopping because it's simply cheaper (even with the high international shipping costs). We buy everything from clothing, shoes, electronics, books and even health food due to significantly lower costs. There's no shame in shopping on-line but here are some tips that you can take advantage of to make your on-line purchases cheaper (so you can buy more!). 

If you are not a miles-chaser and would simply like to enjoy the most discount when you shop on-line, here are the products that you should have:

Saving on Hotel Reservations

Suppose you want to take advantage of the long weekend next month in October to visit Bangkok and you would like to stay at the Conrad Bangkok (click HERE to read my review of the property!). You go on and book it for two nights at S$227 a night before taxes (S$535.12 in total after taxes). However, instead of going directly to, you should have done the following instead:

  1. Go to and search for Click on the "Get Cashback Now" button and it will direct you to the main page.
  2. Search for the hotel of interest - in this case, Conrad Bangkok.
  3. Sign-in into your account (click HERE to sign-up for free), you will earn S$16.05 from this booking which you will be able to utilise for offsetting your next reservation. 
  4. Use your FRANK Credit Card by OCBC to pay for your hotel  - you will earn S$32.11 in rebates from this transaction. 
  5. Upon the completion of stay, you will earn approximately S$64.20 in your TopCashBack account which you will be able to transfer out into a verified PayPal account. 
  6. If you have an OCBC 360 Account, this transaction alone will give you an additional 1% p.a. bonus interest for the month. If you have $20,000 in your account, you will earn an additional S$16.67 of bonus interest. 

You have essentially earned S$129.03 from a $535.12 transaction (24.1% Cash Back). Remember this works for all hotel reservations and it's always a good idea to see the full merchant listing for TopCashBack as you can earn cash backs from all merchants listed there (not just hotel rooms!).

How's that for a discount? 

Leave me a comment if you have a major purchase coming up and don't know which credit card to use or which channel to book it on - I would love to help!