Seafood Buffet at Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore)

Hooked @ Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore) has quite recently refreshed their menu and I have had the privilege of trying this out a couple of weeks ago. The seafood dinner buffet which is available on Wednesday and Thursday only offers a wide range of seafood that is cooked (or simply, uncooked) to your liking. 

If you are a fan of fresh seafood (and truly, who isn't?!), you will definitely enjoy the selection of delicious Alaskan crab legs, oysters, prawns and mussels (amongst other things). There is also a live seafood ceviche station which serves up a refreshing seafood salad that I am happy to eat on a daily basis. Freshly shucked oysters are incredibly fresh here so if you do love your oysters, you will be at this station for quite a bit. Don't worry about them finishing too quickly - the friendly staff will replace them in a heartbeat (besides the faster they go, the fresher the next batch gets). 

Fresh Sashimi and Sushi at Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore)

Fresh Sashimi and Sushi at Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore)

Of course, no seafood buffet is complete without a trip to the fresh sashimi (and sushi) station which most Singaporeans love.  As much as I love the rest of the buffet, it is important to note that there is limited variety at the sashimi counter but with that being said, the quality does make up for it though.

One of the most unique parts of this buffet has got to be fresh seafood cooked a la minute for you. Choose from fresh scallops (my personal favourite!), fish, squid, prawns, stingray and various seasonal seafood and add any sauce that you fancy. In fact, you will find a few wooden sticks on your table with your table number on it - simply hand one of these to the live cooking station for them to deliver food to your table (don't worry they will return you the wooden stick too so it isn't actually a limit on the number of dishes you can order). 

If you would like to take a break from seafood (even though that cod is a definite must-try!), there's also grilled squid, beef and pork ribs to provide your palate with that contrast it needs. 

The Hooked @ Edge while being seafood-centric is an excellent dinner buffet that you should take advantage of. Remember to join the  Pan Pacific Privileges program for free to save 25% off your bill when you dine in groups of four - click HERE to learn more about it! 


(Pan Pacific Singapore)
Wednesdays and Thursdays only
630pm to 1030pm

Adult*: S$88++ | Child: S$44++
(inclusive of unlimited local beverages)

*Buffet also comes with unlimited coffee and tea for Adult diners.