Get at least 10% Cashback on Hotel Stays with Expedia (Combining Shopback and Expedia+)

You might find yourself on Expedia or Agoda if you are looking for the best deals on hotel stays. While the two aforementioned sites already offer some pretty great deals on hotels, did you know that you can get at least 10% of the amount spent by going through an additional step? In fact, the 10% is on top of whatever you earn on your credit card so in reality, it is possible to get a much higher cashback depending on how much you value miles and points.

The example below will show you how you can spend S$300 on a hotel and get S$34.71 back (approximately 11.6% cashback) by just doing one additional step - it is that easy! In order to do this you will have to sign up for a ShopBack and Expedia+ account (both free to register!). In fact, if you sign up for a ShopBack account using my referral link, you will get a S$5 bonus! 

Earn Cashbacks with Online Purchases

Earn Cashbacks with Online Purchases

Earn 8.0% Cashback on Hotel Stays! 

Earn 8.0% Cashback on Hotel Stays! 

2. Go to ShopBack and Click on Expedia

Once you click on the 'Shop Now' button, you will see a pop-up window and that will redirect you to Expedia Singapore where you can continue to book your hotel or flight. If you spend S$300 on a hotel (remember this is just a made-up number for the purpose of this example), you should get S$24 back in your ShopBack account once your stay is completed - you can then transfer this amount into your bank account! If you factor in the S$5 bonus that you get when you register here, you will see S$29 in your ShopBack account! 

3. Book Normally on Expedia in the Same Window

You will earn 20 Expedia+ Points with every S$15 spent on hotels. In our example of a S$300 hotel, you will earn 400 Expedia+ Points (worth approximately S$5.71) and you can redeem for a S$50 voucher at +VIP Access™ hotels with 3,500 Expedia+ Points.

4. Use the Right Credit Card (Optional but Highly Recommended)

Using the right credit card for your spend on Expedia is highly recommended - you can get up to 8 miles per S$1 with the DBS Altitude Card for a limited time. In our example, S$300 will get you 2,400 miles (if you take advantage of the promotion) and the miles are worth approximately S$216 if you redeem them for a Business Saver ticket on Singapore Airlines - this brings your total cashback to 83.6%!

5. Enjoy your Cashback! 

Spending money and making them work for you is easy. ShopBack is just one of the many tools available online to help justify your spend since it rewards you for spending more.